Course Development Tools Documentation

I. Foundational Lectures
  1. Studying and achieving robust learning with PSLC Resources (slides)
  2. Cognitive Task Analysis: Think Alouds and Difficulty Factors Assessment (slides)
  3. Educational Data Mining (slides)
  4. Issues in Transfer and Learning (slides)
  5. Cognitive Principles in Tutor Design (slides)
  6. In Vivo Research to Test Hypotheses About Learning (slides)
  7. All you need to know about ITSs (slides)
II. In Vivo Experimentation Track
  1. In Vivo Experimentation Track Introduction (slides)
  2. Intro to in vivo studies (slides)
  3. Theoretical relevance (slides)
III. Tutor Development Track
  1. Tutor Development Track Introduction (slides)
  2. ACT-R / Building a cognitive model in Jess (slides)
  3. How to: Model tracing with a Jess cognitive model (slides)
  4. Demo: Create cognitive model with CTAT (slides)
  5. Demo: Create tutor GUI with Netbeans; Design and create GUI from think aloud (slides)
IV. Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Track
  1. Computer Supported Collaborative Learning Track Introduction (slides)
  2. Effective Instructional Conversations + TuTalk Instruction (slides)
  3. Integrated Collaborative Learning Environments with Dynamic Support (slides)
  4. TagHelper and SIDE (slides)
V. Educational DataMining Track
  1. Educational Data Mining Track Introduction (slides)
  2. Educational Data Mining Overview (slides)
  3. Learning from learning curves: Item Response Theory; Learning Factors Analysis (slides)
  4. Discovery with Models (slides)
  5. Demo: Machine Learning and Simulated Students (slides)