Press Coverage

  1. The Hindu, August 25, 2011: The passion to find out , talks about the Internship Program in Technology Supported Education
  2. Edu Tech, April 2012: A Winter of Content, talks about the Internship Program in Technology Supported Education
  3. Press Coverage on NPR, Education Week, and other sources about the ASAP automatic essay grading challenge , *some of which specifically discuss my group and LightSIDE’s participation, Spring/Summer/Fall 2012:
  4. Science: In an Editor’s Choice column, LightSIDE was singled out as having value for educators, June 2012
  5. Education Week, feature story about my work on computer supported collaborative learning as part of an article about the role of technology in education, August 2012
  6. News Alert on EdNet in an article on Big Data in K-12 education, Nov 2012
  7. The Heart and Soul of Andhra Pradesh (web access, December 11 2012 edition), the largest daily newspaper in Andhra Pradesh, Coverage of the December 2012 IPTSE Winter School
  8. Interactive TV appearance: Interviews on Gates Foundation funded interactive TV series produced by In the Telling: “Massive and Open: What are we learning?”, part of a larger series aired on Internet TV called e-literate TV (filmed in December 2013)
  9. Profile Piece published in The New Learning Times, November 2013.
  10. Announcement about NSF Funded joint grant with Penn State, October 2013
  11. Presentation at 2014 Cyberlearning Summit
  12. WESA/NPR, Announcement about Google Grant on MOOC research + discussion of my current directions in MOOC research , August 2014
  13. Invited poster presentation at the innaugural meeting of the Global Learning Council, Pittsburgh, PA, September 2014. poster1 poster2
  14. Announcement of new Gates grant, joint with University of Texas at Arlington.
  15. Announcement about NSF DIBBs: Mining Educational Data to Improve Learning, September 2014.
  16. Web interview for the blog of Open edX Universities Symposium, September 4, 2015
Carolyn Penstein Rose ( Carnegie Mellon University