My Group

Here is a representation of my group designed by my students in Fall of 2011. Many of these students have now graduated and moved on with their successful careers, both in academia and industry. The research areas still reflect the diversity of topics my group works on.

A picture of my group

Current Postdocs and Systems Scientists

  1. Chris Bogart (ISR)

Current PhD and Masters Students

  1. Hye-Ju Jang (PhD student, LTI)
  2. Xu Wang (PhD student, HCII)
  3. Keith Maki (PhD student, LTI)
  4. Yohan Jo (PhD student, LTI)
  5. Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan (PhD student, LTI)
  6. Qinlan Shen (PhD student, LTI)
  7. Aaksha Meghawat (MLT student, LTI)
  8. Michael Miller (MLT student, LTI)
  9. Shrimai Prabhumoye (MLT student, LTI, co-advised with Alan Black)
  10. Samridhi Shree Choudhary (MLT student, LTI)
  11. James Fiacco (MLT student, LTI)
  12. Aakanksha Naik (MLT student, LTI)
  13. Anusha Bagalkotkar (MIIS student, LTI)
  14. Shivani Poddar (MIIS student, LTI, co-advised with Alan Black)
  15. Junyu Huang (METALS student, HCII)
  16. Nick Lewis (METALS student, HCII)

PhD Students on leave

  1. Elijah Mayfield (PhD student, LTI, on leave at LightSIDE Labs)
  2. David Adamson (PhD student, LTI, on leave at LightSIDE Labs)

Graduated Students and Former Post-Docs

Former Post-Docs and Visitors

  1. Hu Ai (Research Scientist at Georgia Tech)
  2. Gregory Dyke (Post-Doc at CNRS)
  3. Ying Ding (was a Visiting PhD student, Heinz)
  4. Oliver Ferschke (Research Engineer at MModal)

Graduated PhD Students

  1. Rohit Kumar (Researcher at BBN)
  2. Gahgene Gweon (Assistant Professor at KAIST)
  3. Mahesh Joshi (Researcher at Adobe)
  4. Guang Xiang (Researcher at Twitter)
  5. Iris Howley (Postdoc at Stanford/UTA)
  6. Miaomiao Wen (Researcher in Data Science at Coursera)

Graduated Masters Students

  1. Jaime Arguello (Assistant Professor at UNC)
  2. Yi-Chia Wang (PhD student at LTI)
  3. Sourish Chaudhuri (PhD student at LTI)
  4. Moonyoung Kang (PhD student at Northeastern University)
  5. Naman Gupta (Engineer at Amazon)
  6. Dong Nguyen (PhD student at the University of Twente)
  7. Nitin Agarwal (Research Programmer at BBN)
  8. Philip Gianfortoni (Engineer at Google)
  9. Manaj Srivastava (Research Programmer at BBN)
  10. Mahaveer Jain (Engineer at
  11. Ranjitha Kulkarni (Engineer at Microsoft Speech Labs)
  12. Ryan Carlson (Engineer at Carnegie Learning, Inc.)
  13. Phani Gadde (IBM Watson)
  14. Zeyu Zheng (Google)
  15. Abhimanyu Kumar (Research Scientist, Gageln, Inc)
  16. Mario Piergallini (Research staff, Howard University)
  17. Martina Pavelko(Carnegie Learning, Inc.)
  18. Yujun Song (UX Designer)
  19. Pulkit Bhuwalk (formerly MIIS, LTI)
  20. Diyi Yang (PhD student, LTI)
  21. Jinsub Hong (formerly MIIS, LTI)
  22. Bowen Zhu (formerly MIIS, LTI)
  23. Zhengyang Ruan (formerly MIIS, LTI)
  24. Danny Koh (formerly METALS, HCII)
  25. Chien-Yu Chang (formerly METALS, HCII)
  26. David Hwang (formerly METALS, HCII)
  27. Gaurav Tomar (Researcher at Google, formerly MLT student, LTI)
  28. Leah Nicolich-Henkin (Researcher at Amazon, formerly MLT student, LTI)
  29. Shaileja Relwani (formerly METALS student, HCII)