ENGAGE: Learning to Solve Problems, Solving Problems to Learn

Funded by: DARPA
This page only discusses a small part of a much larger, very collaborative project, lead by Vincent Aleven at HCII in collaboration with another team at The Enetertainment Technology Center (ETC)

In my part of this larger project, I am partnering with Steven Dow and others to develop online games for learning. Our part specifically focuses on supporting soco-emotional development. Our selected target skills, which are consistent with state standards, are Asking for Help, Collaboration, and Discussing Disagreements.

An important part of our work is developing a validated assessment of Socio-emotional development that is reliable and valid for children between Kindergarten and 3rd grade, and sensitive enough to measure growth in kids within the normal range of development. Existing validated assessments either focus on screening pathology rather than measuring growth in normal kids, target older kids, or target emotion regulation rather than collaborative skill. Thus our work fills an important gap in the literature than needs to be filled before we can ensure that our game designs are meeting project goals.

In addition to assessment development work, we are working with the ETC team to design support for socio-emotional development in two different online games.

Selected Recent Publications

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