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CAMEO: Camera Assisted MEeting Event Observer

Paul Rybski, Fernando de la Torre, Raju Patil, Carlos Valespi, Manuela Veloso, and Brett Browning. CAMEO: Camera Assisted MEeting Event Observer. In Proceedings of International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA'04), New Orleans, LA, May 2004.




Static cameras are pervasive in a variety of environments. However it remains a challenging problem to extract and reason about high-level features from real-time and continuous observation of an environment. In this paper, we present CAMEO, the Camera Assisted Meeting Event Observer, which is a physical awareness system designed for use by an agent-based electronic assistant. CAMEO is an inexpensive high-resolution omnidirectional vision system designed to be used in meeting environments. The multiple camera design achieves the desired high image resolution and lower cost that can be achieved when compared to traditional omnicameras that make use of a single camera and mirror solution.

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