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TTree: Tree-Based State Generalization with Temporally Abstract Actions

William Uther and Manuela Veloso. TTree: Tree-Based State Generalization with Temporally Abstract Actions. In Proceedings of SARA-2002, Edmonton, Canada, August 2002.





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  Annote =	 "In this paper we describe the Trajectory Tree or
                  TTree algorithm. TTree takes a set of policies and
                  pieces them together to solve a Semi-Markov Decision
                  Problem (SMDP). The algorithm uses a learned tree
                  based discretization of the state space as an
                  abstract state description and both supplied and
                  generated policies as temporally abstract
                  actions. It uses a generative model of the world to
                  sample the transition function for the abstract
                  SMDP. TTree then finds a policy for the abstract
                  SMDP. In this paper we present the algorithm and
                  some detailed examples of its execution. Furthermore
                  we present empirical comparisons to other SMDP
                  algorithms showing the effectiveness of our
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