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Here are links to our most recent Segway RMP movies. Click on the speed links below to jump to what your interested in.


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    These are videos taken at RoboCup US Open 2005.


    These videos show our skill tests in High bay.


    These videos show our first integration tests with the Segway RMP listening to voice commands from a human operator. This is part of the Boeing Treasure Hunt project.


    These videos show an unmodified Segway RMP i-series with large ATV tyres provided by Segway. We are teleoperating the robot outdoors behind CMU (on a nice sunny day!). The robot is running our software and is being commanded by the segway rider who has a small gamepad stuck to his segway.

    NOTE: These few movies show teleoperation unlike the other segway robot movies here


    These videos are taken from our demonstrations at the RoboCup US Open 2004, held in New Orleans (see We demonstrated the individual single robot skills of shooting, passing, and localization on the field.


    These videos show our robot working in the lab prior to our DarpaTech'04 demonstrations. Shown are the individual robot skills of shooting, passing, and localization. The location is the high bay in Newell Simon Hall.


    These movies show the robot's eye view of our new people tracking code. A color histogram of the target is aquired automatically based on recognizing the moving 'regions' in the scene, where the regions are grown within edge boundaries. A color histogram is built, and the target is then tracked using the mean-shift algorithm.


    On December 5, 2003, Carnegie Mellon received a large amount of snow. We explored how the Segway HT, when equipped with dirtbike knobbly tyres, could handle this type of terrain. The following movies were the result. We suspect there may be an opportunity here for a new winter sport - Segway downhill riding.


    Our first video of the SegwayRMP. Unlike all the other videos here, this shows the robot being teleoperated.


    These movies show the robot's view while autonomously chasing the ball. All video is shown at frame rate of 30Hz.


    Our early work with driving to the ball. Footage was taken from outside of Wean Hall during September 2003.


    Our first successful autonomous kick. The final kicking motion was a ballistic replay of an earlier trained kick. The motion control uses the same code developed for the small-size robot soccer team.


    A movie generated from the output of the robot vision system. The image appears red due to the camera's outdoor, automatic white balance setting. While occasional false positives do occur (especially in such a red image), the ball tracking ability is clearly shown. Driving here is fully autonomous and the framerate is shown in real-time at 30Hz.


    Some of our testing prior to the demonstration.


    A compilation of some of the robot's falls. Kicking a ball isn't as easy as it seems...


    Movies taken from our final demonstration. Jeremy is interacting with the robot (which is running autonomously). Paul is turning on the compressor as the air tank only allows for a few kicks.

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