Students already admitted to CMU:
Please e-mail me, and we can set up a time to talk. If you have been admitted, but are not yet at CMU, we can discuss over e-mail or a call; you may be able to start research early. You can find out more about my research here; also check out our Foundations of Cooperative AI Lab (FOCAL).

Students not yet admitted to CMU:
Please see this page for details on applying to programs in CMU's School of Computer Science. (By default, to work with me, CSD is probably easiest, but in principle I can advise in any SCS PhD program, and I also have an appointment in MLD. Please reach out if you wonder whether maybe you should be outside of SCS; I may be able to advise there too but this requires more coordination. I do have appointments in Philosophy and Tepper.) Please do not send e-mail to me personally to apply (or obtain an estimate of your chances of admission, etc.). Unfortunately, I have neither the time nor the authority to run my own personal admissions committee. If you are a strong applicant, and you specifically mention that you are interested in working with me in your application to CMU, I should hear about it. I apologize for not being more helpful and wish you the best of luck in applying to schools.

Oxford / University of Pittsburgh:
I am in Oxford only a small fraction of the year, so to be advised primarily by me it's better to be at CMU. Nevertheless if you're already at Oxford or there are other considerations, please reach out.
I have no formal appointment at the University of Pittsburgh but it's right next to CMU!