CONALD, June 11-13 Conference on Automated Learning and Discovery
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Plenary Speakers

Tom Dietterich

Stuart Geman

David Heckerman

Michael Jordan

Daryl Pregibon

Herb Simon

Robert Tibshirani

General Information

The Conference on Automated Learning and Discovery brought together leading researchers from scientific disciplines concerned with learning from data. It covered scientific research at the intersection of statistics, computer science, artificial intelligence, databases, social sciences and language technologies. The goal of this meeting was to explore new, unified research directions in this cross-disciplinary field.

The conference featured seven one-day cross-disciplinary workshops, interleaved with seven invited plenary talks by renowned statisticians, computer scientists, and cognitive scientists. The workshops addressed issues such as: what is the state of the art, what can we do and what is missing? what are promising research directions? what are the most promising opportunities for cross-disciplinary research?

CONALD differed from other meetings in the field in its broad, interdisciplinary scope. The goal of CONALD was to characterize the state-of-the-art in automated learning and discovery, and to identify promising cross-disciplinary research directions. Its format was very much tailored towards open discussions and free exchange of ideas. This meeting has been summarized by a written report, which can be accessed through the Web (see below).

The workshop was partially supported by the National Science Foundation, the Information and Data Management Program of the Information and Intelligent Systems Division, under the grant IIS-9813354. All opinions, findings, conclusions and recommendations in any material resulting from this workshop are those of the workshop participants, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

The CONALD Report is out!

A summary of the CONALD meeting along with dozens of thesis-sized research topics (and beyond) can be found on 30 pages of CONALD report. Check it out!

Also on-line: Conference program and directions.
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The conference is sponsored by CMU's newly created Center for Automated Learning and Discovery.