David Cohn's flight miscellany 12,000 feet over Lake Tahoe in an ASK-21 glider

A picture of our "baby" - a 1946 Commonwealth Skyranger

A few stories that have appeared in print

New!: Pittsburgh->Palo Alto unedited travelogue, with pictures, of most recent across-America trip. Posted in real-time, at the end of each day of flying.

Unedited transcripts of a crosscountry flight I took ferrying the Skyranger from Seattle to Boston in 1993, as posted to rec.aviation.

Travelogue, with photos, of the tip ferrying the Skyranger from California to Pittsburgh in 1998. (Sorry - never got around to writing up the Boston-California flight Devon and I took in 1995, but a bit of it is recreated in 'Westbound', above)

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