Remos: Resource Monitoring for Network-Aware Applications

The Remos (REsource MOnitoring System) allows network-aware applications to obtain relevant information about their execution environment. The major challenges in defining a uniform interface are network heterogeneity, diversity in traffic requirements, variability of the information, and resource sharing in the network. Remos provides an API that addresses these issue by striking a compromise between accuracy (the information provided is best-effort, but includes statistical information if available) and efficiency (providing a query-based interface, so applications incur overhead only when they aquire information).

Remos supports two classes of queries. "Flow queries" provide a portable way to describe a communication step to the Remos implementation, which uses its platform-dependent knowledge to return to the user the capacity of the network to meet this request. "Topology queries" reverse the process, with the Remos implementation providing a portable description of the network's behavior to the application.

We have completed a prototype implementation of the Remos interface. It consists of a modeler, which implements the API for the applications, and multiple collectors, which gather information about the network. Currently we are releasing an SNMP-based IP-routing collector. An ethernet bridging and wide area (no snmp) based collector are also being implemented. The collector component can be easily replaced by a wrapper around other network performance gathering systems.


A revised version of the tech report (abstract) describing Remos, with an API definition, is available.

A. DeWitt, T. Gross, B. Lowekamp, N. Miller, P. Steenkiste, J. Subhlok, D. Sutherland, "ReMoS: A Resource Monitoring System for Network-Aware Applications" Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, CMU-CS-97-194.

Slides from the talk given at HPDC7 may provide a quick overview of Remos.

B. Lowekamp, N. Miller, D. Sutherland, T. Gross, P. Steenkiste, J. Subhlok, "A Resource Query Interface for Network-Aware Applications" , 7th IEEE Smposium on High-Performance Distributed Computing, IEEE, July 1998, Chicago. postscript (abstract)

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Remos Releases

Download the current version (v2.2) of our implemention's source code. (Released Apr 26, 2002)

There is no release that is specific to BBN's Quo system for Remos versions 2.0 and above.

Previous Releases

Here is version 2.1 of our implementation's source code. (Released Oct 29, 2001)

Here is version 2.0 of our implementation's source code. (Released Apr 17, 2001)

Here is version 1.6 of our implemention's source code. (Released Nov 30, 2000)

If you are intending to use Remos v1.6 with BBN's Quo System, please download a patch designed to work with BBN's software here.

Here is version 1.5 of our implementation's source code (warning: broken).

Here is version 1.4.1 of our implemention's source code.


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