CMCL: Computers, Media, and Communication Laboratory

CMCL Infrastructure

Computational and Network Resources

CMULab - the CMU Emulab Cluster
See the Cluster Wiki for information about CMULab
Homenet - the CMU residential networking and wireless testbed
More info coming soon
The Datapository - a large-scale data analysis and storage facility

Administration Mailing Lists

The cmcl-admin mailing list is for people who maintain machines in this room.
The cmcl-people mailing list is for everyone affiliated with the lab.

Editing the web pages

The web pages are maintained in /afs/

To edit them, remember to edit the .srhtml file, and then type make to regenerate the HTML files.

The web pages use the 'weblib' library found in include. The templates are bodyhead.srhtml, pagehead.srhtml, and pagebottom.srhtml. The navigation bar is controlled by include/navbar.html.

Remember to click on the validate xhtml link after you edit a page.

See the CMCL Infrastructure Update Wiki for some to-do and coordination activities for the CMCL web pages and shared lab infrastructure.

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