Intersectional Types Mailing List: Explanation and Code of Conduct

This list is for programming language (PL) researchers, and aspiring researchers, who feel a lack of kinship and support within their institutions due to misogyny, white supremacy, ableism, and other structural power dynamics. The following Q&A attempts to more fully describe the intent and rules of the list -- please read it before joining!

Q1: What is this list for?


In some ways, this list should be considered just another research list, such as the TYPES forum. This space can be used for research questions, literature guidance, starting collaborative efforts, introductions and updates to current research projects, open-ended philosophical questions about grand research visions, links to blog posts/papers, announcement of CFPs and job postings, announcements of achievements and breakthroughs.

In addition, this list is a response to a problem: that PL research communities have a really hard time attracting, retaining, and especially *valuing* people who are marginalized in society. This problem is in no way unique to PL, but the purpose of this list is to bring together folks with similar enough research interests that we can provide each other support that's meaningful within the context of our specific field.

Some specific examples of activity we encourage, but don't see on traditional research fora, are: requests for career mentorship and advice (especially along an academic career track); requests for feedback on papers and blog posts; giving (remote) practice talks; organizing local meetups and events; posting about mentorship programs, fellowships, summer schools, and other opportunities; venting about the ways our environments are unwelcoming and dysfunctional; and discussing how we ourselves can create more welcoming and supportive environments when we are in positions of leadership.

Q2: Who moderates this list?


Right now just me, Chris Martens, but I am seeking additional mods. Let me know if you want to be one.

Q3: Who is this list for?


This list is for you if you experience any of the following:

The tl;dr is that we won't gatekeep; this is more about sharing a common reference frame than about specific identities. But keep in mind that the purpose of this list is to *serve* the underprivileged, and if you are not yourself underprivileged, try to think of a few ways you intend to serve the list membership before joining. Faculty members or senior researchers who want to be supplemental mentors (and ideally *sponsors*: a mentor is someone who provides guidance, whereas a sponsor is someone who uses their power to advocate for someone) to those newer to PL research are especially encouraged to participate.

Note that the moderators reserve the right to veto any membership request from someone we believe hostile to this list's purpose. If you have concerns about that policy, you may contact us.

Q4: Are there any rules for participating in the group?


Yes. Here is the Code of Conduct (CoC).

We do not allow violent language or threats; name-calling; personal attacks; condescension; demeaning language; sexist, racist, transphobic, ableist, or otherwise discriminatory jokes and language; and off-list publication of private and/or on-list communication without permission.

We do not allow speech that refers to intelligence or mental health as a measure of a person or an idea's worth (e.g. do not say "crazy" or "stupid" to discredit someone). We do not allow demeaning speech about femininity, including labor and recreational activities traditionally associated with women.

We require that you respect list members' pronouns. If you don't know them, ask, or use "they." Do not make gender-essentialist remarks, such as referring to chromosomes or genitals as defining gender. Please use gender-neutral forms of address and pronouns for unknown or mixed-gender parties.

Earnest mistakes in the course of learning to moderate your speech will be tolerated with a warning, but clearly-spiteful offenses will not.

Your behavior off-list, if it comes to our attention, may also be considered CoC violation.

Violators may be placed under additional moderation, removed from the list, and/or barred from attending any associated in-person events.

If you believe someone is violating the Code of Conduct or you have questions about this policy, please contact the list moderators.

[Credit to Kelsey Innis for the Lambda Ladies Code of Conduct, from which this was adapted. ]

Q5: What's with the name of this list? I thought it was going to be for discussing set-theoretic interpretations of type theory.


It's just a pun. "Intersectionality" is a word coined by Black feminist Kimberle Crenshaw for the idea that different forms of structural oppression inform and compound one another, and cannot be separated. The idea has served as a framework for designing the description and intent of this list. Intersection types are a way of assigning multiple types to the same data, which could maybe be extrapolated into some kind of metaphor if you tried, I dunno.

Q6: Great! I agree to the code of conduct and want to participate. How do I join?


Sign up here!