You've been adventuring for $days days. You have $coins coins and your health is $hp. [[rest]] [[adventure|start adventure]] [[shop]]{(set: $hp to $max_hp) (set: $days to $days + 1)} You feel refreshed. (display: "main")(set: $monster_hp to (either: 2,3,5)) A (if: $monster_hp is 2)[small](else-if: $monster_hp is 3)[big](else:)[huge] monster appears! [[fight]] [[flee|main]]Nothing here yet! [[go back home|main]]{(set: $max_hp to 10) (set: $hp to $max_hp) (set: $coins to 10) (set: $days to 0)} (display: "main")(if: (either: 0, 1) is 0)[The monster bites you! (set: $hp to $hp - (either: 1,2,3)) (if: $hp < 1)[You are [[dead]]!](else:)[ Your health is $hp. [[fight]] [[flee|main]] ] ](else:)[You hit the monster! {(set:$monster_hp = $monster_hp - 1)} (if: $monster_hp < 1)[The [[monster is dead]]! ](else:)[Its health is $monster_hp. [[fight]] [[flee|main]] ] ][[restart?|init]](set: $streak to $streak + 1) (set: $drop to (random: 3,10) * $streak) You collect $drop coins from the monster carcass! (set: $spoils to $spoils + $drop) Your spoils are currently $spoils coins and your health is $hp. You've killed $streak monsters on this adventure. [[continue|adventure]] [[go home|collect spoils]](set: $spoils to 0) (set: $streak to 0) (display: "adventure")(set: $coins to $coins + $spoils) (display: "main")