98-228 Interactive Fiction: Schedule

Class will meet Wednesdays from 6:30-7:50pm in Porter Hall 226A.

Schedule is subject to change. Sources without a link may be found on the Resources page.

Date Lecture Topic Sources Homework

Wed Jan 22     Introduction to Inform 7         Inform 7 Manuals Play Violet;
Begin your Inform story
Wed Feb 5     Inform 7: Actions, cont'd   Inform 7 Manuals Play Howling Dogs;
Complete your Inform story
Wed Feb 19     Twine Cont'd; Discussion   Creation Under Capitalism
Twine Macros
Finish your Twine story;
Read next week's essays
Wed Mar 5     Play Day!   Your games Sign up for a lecture topic
Fill out midsemester feedback form
Wed Mar 19     Criticism and Story Structure   Galatea;
Emily Short on Multilinearity;
My Father's Long Long Legs;
Emily Short's review
Play next week's games
Wed Apr 2     Dialogue and Simulation   Alabaster; Magical Maiden Madison;
Monkey Island Insult Swordfighting
Final Project Proposals;
Play next week's games
Wed Apr 16     Extending the Medium   A Dark Room; Digital: A Love Story;
The Gostak; The Stanley Parable
Play next week's games;
Final project
Wed Apr 30     Final Project Presentations      

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