Aaron Sams



Please plan to attend Aaron Sams talk at TRETC on Flipped Learning. Join and participate in Flipped Learning @ TRETC conversation before and after TRETC

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    This is an effort to continue our conversation beyond TRETC

    Flipped Learning

    Flipped Learning is hot. Everyone wants to know what it is and how to participate in the process. How do you get started? What resources do you need? We hope this flipped learning salon will serve as the place to have that conversation. Be a pioneer!

    Implement a flipped Classroom

  • TRETC 2012

    Welcome to TRETC

    The 2012 conference is scheduled for November 14 at the The Regional Learning Alliance in Marshall Township. The theme for 2012 will be Connecting to a Digital World.

    Flipped Learning

    Flipped Learning Turns Learning on its Head!


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