Pittsburgh Climbing Access Issues

Location Current Situation
Woodland Wall The area remains closed. The Access Fund has been in contact with the land owner. Negotiations do not look promising. A private security guard occasionally chases people off.
Derry Highrocks Posted, even though they tend to get ripped down by the partiers. Problems here are not with climbers per se, but with the locals treating the area as a hangout area. However, until access is negotiated with the owners, the area is closed. The Access Fund is actively talking with the landowners, and it's possible that some lease/purchase agreement may be worked out.
White Rocks Property is now heavily posted. Heavy construction equipment may be building roads prior to logging.
Casperas Posted. Land owner was having problems with cars parked along the entire road. Currently, no access is permitted. The owner is willing to talk once the current problem abates. The Access Fund will follow up on this area.
Mont Chateau I don't know if this is actually on private land. Need to find out. People have been chased from the area recently (October '96).
Spruce Posted. Often trashed. Fred at Exkursions has cleaned the area up a couple of times. I've been told it is ok to climb there, just keep the area clean. I'm not sure that's the official word, however. You may want to talk to Tim Anderson before going out there. His home page may have additional information.
Uncle Joe's Has anyone been into this area recently?

Ken Cline is the Access Fund regional coordinator for this area. Contact him for additional information or to report new incidents.

Todd W. Mummert