My name is Christian Kroer. I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University, where I am part of the Electronic Marketplaces Lab, advised by Professor Tuomas Sandholm.

I hold a Master’s degree in Software Development and Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen (ITU). I was advised by Professors Rune M. Jensen and Joseph R. Kiniry. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in Human Centered Informatics from Aalborg University.

My resume can be found here.

Some of my code can be found on GitHub.

My e-mail is ckroer AT


My research lies at the intersection of computer science and economics. It is concerned with problems such as how to compute Nash equilibria in large-scale games and maximizing revenue in auctions.

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I really enjoy talking about AI and algorithms. Sometimes they even let me teach others about them. Read more about that here.

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Here you can find a list of my publications.

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