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Sailfish: Rapid Alignment-free Quantification of Isoform Abundance


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Download Sailfish [beta v0.9.2] (source)
Download Sailfish [beta v0.9.2] (Linux binary)

Note: If you're interested in Sailfish, you should also take a look at our new software, Salmon, which provides many of the same benefits of Sailfish --- it provides very fast and accurate estimates of transcript-level abundance from RNA-seq data --- but it provides some extra features and uses a different methodology. You can visit the Salmon homepage here, visit the GitHub repository, or head straight for the binary releases

Installation Instructions
Note : Sailfish is currently in beta (hence the name and version of the above links). If you encounter any bugs when using Sailfish, please report them on the issues page of the Sailfish GitHub repository. If you have other questions or wish to discuss Sailfish more generally, you can post them to the Sailfish Users Group.