02-714: String Algorithms (Fall 2013)

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Course Description: Provides an in-depth look at modern algorithms used to process string data, particularly those relevant to genomics. The course will cover the design and analysis of efficient algorithms for processing enormous amounts of collections of strings. Topics will include string search; inexact matching; string compression; string data structures such as suffix trees, suffix arrays, and searchable compressed indices; and the Borrows-Wheeler transform. Applications of these techniques in genomics will be presented, including genome assembly, transcript assembly, whole-genome alignment, gene expression quantification, read mapping, and search of large sequence databases. No knowledge of biology is assumed; programming proficiency is required.

Computational Genomics (02-710) is not a pre-requisite. No prior knowledge of biology is assumed.

Instructor: Carl Kingsford
Associate Professor, Ray and Stephanie Lane Center for Computational Biology, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.

Office: GHC 7705
Office Hours: TBD

Office Hours: TBD

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