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New Technology


This page is dedicated to keeping track of major technological advances which, I believe, will have a major impact on the future. The three major areas I think are important are:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Nanotechnology
  • Biotechnology
Major advances in these fields will radically change our way of life in the next 50 years. Some people have referred to the enormous impending change as the Singularity. A time when technology has transformed our every way of day of life that it would no longer be recognizable or understandable to us today. I do not hold such a radical opinion, but I do believe that major changes are inevitable in my lifetime.

-- 5/20/98

Artificial Intelligence

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Pre-Implantation Genetic Testing

This has been going on for some time and is the basic premise of the movie Gattaca come to life. In this technique a cell is removed from a fertilized egg when it is at the eight cell blastomere stage. That cell can be tested for genetic diseases. Selected embryos can then be re-implanted in the womb. A wonderful new technology, but obviously as our knowledge of the human genome improves, much more detailed screening will be possible. I am not passing judgement here, just saying that we are taking a large step in a particular direction without much notice. Links to related sites:

-- 5/20/98

Sequencing of the Human Genome

The completion of this project will be one of the most important advances in biology in our lifetime. Both the U.S. government (through the Human Genome Project) and private companies (e.g. TIGR) are involved in this effort. Dr. Ventner of TIGR believes it can be completed in the next three years.

-- 5/20/98

Other Areas

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