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Pebbles III

General Description

The R-3 is a wheeled research robot with a gripper. A perimeter bump sensor, an IR proximity ring and a 2-degree-of-freedom gripper assembly, containing force and color sensors, enable the robot to manipulate its environment. The differential drive system makes maneuvering in small areas a quick and easy task. Easy-to-use features of the robot include a removable battery access panel for quick changing of batteries and a wide angle view super-twist LCD status display. The optional features of radio communication/sonar positioning and automatic recharging augment its inherent exploring and scouting abilities.

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Pebbles III is a tracked research rover. It is intended for aggressive terrain exploration in both indoor and outdoor environments. Designed with a low center of gravity, Pebbles III maintains its stability on unlevel planes. The robot is equipped with forward and rear bump sensors and an inner-mounted ring of IR proximity sensors. Options of radio communication/sonar positioning and a CCD camera with a video transmitter are available to enhance many rover applications.

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Author: Charles Rosenberg, chuck@cs.cmu.edu
Last Update: 9/19/97