Rex PC Companion ASCII Art

Below are some of my attempts at converting images into text (ascii) representations for display on the Rex organizer. In February 1999, a little after receiving my Rex, I wrote some code to perform the conversions you see here, after playing with the Rex character set for a long time.

The "original images" are the source images from which the ascii text was automatically generated.

The "rex ascii version" is the text version for display on the Rex. (Don't expect too much, even though the Rex as a great display - the Rex designers didn't provide too much control.) The text versions will look kind of squashed down on your computer screen because they are corrected for the aspect ratio of characters on the Rex.

To view these images on the Rex, download the "rex ascii versions" and save them as memos on the Rex. Since these images are larger than the Rex screen, the best way to view them is to hold the Rex at arm's length, squint a little, and press and hold the scroll down key.

The images in the "clean" section contain no nudity. The images in the "dirty" section contain nudity.



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Charles Rosenberg
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