Bayesian Color Constancy with Non-Gaussian Models

Charles Rosenberg, Thomas Minka, Alok Ladsariya, "Bayesian Color Constancy with Non-Gaussian Models", poster appeared at NIPS 2003.

Abstract, Paper (119K), ps.gz (95K).

More general information about color constancy can be found here.

Distribution Plots:

Plots of slices of the three dimensional (32x32x32) color surface reflectance distribution along a single dimension:

Plots are scaled by a factor of 2 in each dimension to make the structure more visible.

Selected Result Images:







Click here for results for the full test set.


Training Images:

Following are some examples of the 2349 images used to train the cannonical color distribution.

A text file containing a list of the image file names can be found here.

The complete image set can be downloaded from this link as a 25MB tar file.

Please note that these images are provided for research purposes only. You will need to contact the copyright owners for publication / use rights.


Charles Rosenberg
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