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AltaVista: Main Page


Movie Theatre Showtimes - Section 4
Pgh City Paper Movie Times
Lawrenceville Brewery
Sharp Edge Beer Emporium,Pittsburgh,Pittsburgh's best beer bar featuring cask conditioned ale, Belgian beer on tap and in bottles,imported and microbrewed beers
PittsburghLIVE - Pittsburgh's #1 Website
Pennsylvania Department of Revenue -- Frameset
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Restaurant Guide
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Pgh City Paper Home Page
TRIButaries - The Tribune-Review Internet WWW Location
Yahoo! - Regional:U.S. States:Pennsylvania:Cities:Pittsburgh:Entertainment and Arts
Lycos City Guide: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Lycos City Guide: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Guide
In Pittsburgh InterActive Table of Contents
Clamen's Movie Information Collection


Algorithms Core 15-750 Spring '98 [Home Page]
15-882: Introduction to Artificial Neural Networks
15-712 Systems Software
15-681 Machine Learning

Star Wars

Plastic Dreams - Star Wars Carded Figures
Star Wars(tm)
List of Star Wars collectible toys 1/2
Star Wars(tm) Micro Machines (R) Master Collector's Edition
Rebel Scum
Yakface's Realm
Yakface's Realm
The Comic Planet
Welcome to K & C Collectibles Star Wars Website
Star Wars Collectibles Network - Star Wars Toys
Star Force Collectibles - The Only All Star Wars Store
The National Collector - Star Wars Action Figures
The Star Wars Collectors Archive
Star Wars Collectibles
Star Wars Trilogy Movie Posters
Star Wars
Star Wars Action Figure Web


Posters By Mail (sm)
Poster- Inventory
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control: Home Page
Posters Online
Movie Poster List
Movie Poster Warehouse - The ultimate source for posters and lithographs
Welcome to Movie Collector's World!
Film Collectors International


Tomart Action Figure Digest
Games Imported Online Catalog
Absolute Best Action Figures Toys figures - action from Figures Inc.
Sarasota Collectibles
Raving Toy Maniac
eToys On-Line Toy Store!
Star Wars Deluxe Figures
Toys.Com Catalog Listing -- The Most Convenient Toy Store in the World!
GI JOE, Spawn, Star Wars, Toy Story Collectibles and Toys. All major credit cards accepted
Tamagotchi, Nano Baby, Nano Puppy, Nano Kitty, Giga Alien, Giga T-Rex, Giga Monkey, Giga Kitty, Giga Puppy, Giga Critter, and other virtual pets are in stock! Order on-line!
Mint IN Box Order Form
Toy Zone
Mint IN Box Order Form


Triangle Inequality
CMU Matlab Page (14-Aug-1996)
[WebCat] Unicorn WebCat
Hypertext Webster Interface
Reference Books
Pitsco's Launch to Dictionaries


HTML-IIA -- Tables and Formatting
C Operators Order of Precedence
Programming in C

AI Research

A Tour of all of Mike Levin 's Web Pages
Post-NIPS*95 Workshop on Transfer in Inductive Systems
Research and Publications (Jonathan Baxter)
John Koza's Home Page
An ICA page-papers,code,demo,links (Tony Bell)
Una-May O'Reilly - Query Results
Paul Viola's Personal WWW Page
Virtual ALife Library

The Singularity

Connections, Burke's Place
The James Burke Web Repository
Singularity Sub-Page
Page on Vernor Vinge
Vernor Vinge on the Singularity


IS Robotics
Robosoft Inc. Home Page.
Applied AI Systems Home Page

System Support

Zephyr Notification Service
Software availability page
The Official FVWM Homepage
The FVWM-95 home page
Red Hat Software
Facilities Help Search: news group list
Local Zephyr Instances
SCS Intro: Zephyr Notification Service
Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
How to set up the VM mailer
Zephyr Archive Search
Frequently Zephyred Questions


Scheduled events at the CMU School of Computer Science (general/week)
Robot Learning Talks @ CMU
The Reinforcement Learning Group at Carnegie Mellon
CMU CS - AI Seminar

Face Processing

Face Recognition Home Page

Machine Learning

Bruno's home page
Riccardo Poli's Home Page
David W. Aha: Machine Learning Page
Research Reports List.
The publications of the LIP
Home Page of Frédéric
AltaVista: Simple Query +genetic +algorithm +neural +network
Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
Designing a Neural Network by a Genetic Algorithm with Partial Fitness
Barak Pearlmuttter Publications


Scheduled events at the CMU School of Computer Science (general/week)
Sharon Burks' Home Page
Home Page for Charles Rosenberg
Immigration Course Home Page (26-Aug-1997)
Censorship at CMU


Directory of /linux/distributions/redhat/contrib/i386
Directory of /linux/distributions/redhat/redhat-4.2/i386/RedHat/RPMS
gimp a photoshop-like graphics manipulator
Directory of /linux/distributions/redhat
RPM Descriptions

Fun, the epicenter of jokes, jokes and humor on the internet
AltaVista: Simple Query
Blue Fire
UFO Master Index
- South Park Online -
IllusionWorks - Multimedia Illusions Jump List
Bill Gates Personal Wealth Clock
No Title
Life java game
WebCrawler Search Voyeur
Long Range Science Rover Task
Long Range Science Rover Task
Mars Pathfinder - Welcome to Mars!

Pin Ups

G's Pix: Nikki Cox!
Starbuzz: Nikki Cox
The Unofficial Jeri Ryan Internet Fan Club


JD'S Car Audio Homepage
Car Audio Sites


Book Pool
WWW Business Yellow Pages
Buyer's Index
Access Micro Your On-Line Computer Superstore
ACE Index, Mail Order Photo Equipment Sales
Opamp Technical Books - Online Catalog Customer Service
Best Fares Discount Travel Magazine - Online
B&H Photo-Video-Imaging-Pro Audio Homepage
42nd Street Photo Main Page
NexCom Technology, Inc. Home Page
NCSS Oline Computer Sales
PC Roses - Roses Direct From The Grower. Save up to 80%!
Computers notebooks desktops hardware & software - Buy it Today - Use it Tomorrow
Price Watch(tm) - Street Price Search Engine
Multiwave Direct! ... The On-Line Computer SuperStore.
Nuts, Nuts and more Nuts, Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts at... The Nut Factory


Color spaces FAQ - David Bourgin
TColor - source file
PostScript monthly FAQ v2.4 07-18-95 [05-06 of 11]
Postscript/FAQ Index


Capsule for CyberMedia, Inc.
StockTools Historic Data


Club Ed Exotic Showbar... Pittsburgh PA
Welcome to LFP Store
Books - Lesbian Nonfiction
Mimi Miyagi at Oriental Adult Stars
Adult Video Titles - Main Catalog A
Domestic Videos A- I
Midnight Escape: Original Scans, Cheerleaders, Hot Secretaries, Latina's & MORE!
Teri Weigel
A History of X
Kitchen Sink Press
Sinsation Animation
Cherry Comics
The Video Wasteland: Meat Market - Books
Atomic Books Literary Finds for Mutated Minds
Chambers Sex Toys


USC Calendar
Connecticut Stat Physicals Home Page
Yonald Chery's Personal Home Page

Colossus -- World Wide Web Provider
Lynn Margulis and Dorion Sagan - Microbial Microcosm[lt92b.x11r4.contrib.clients.pbmplus]
Robert French - Published papers
Index of /public/Mirrors/
Brat Wizard's Bookmarks
Good Thinking Co.
Ronald L. Rivest : Web Goodies
The Overclocker's Dream - Kryotech's Home of Cool Computing
Anonymizer, Inc.
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Hardware:Peripherals:Monitors:Touch Screens
Soil Moisture Sensor
Sensit Soil Moisture Sensor - Basic Operations
Soil Moisture Instruments
The Soil Sensors Homepage...
Hands-off Watering
Welcome to Sensors Magazine!
Sensors and Techniques for Soil Moisture
Soil Moisture
Philip Wise's Home, Family & Interests Home Page
Golden 25 2.0 August 1997
Launch Frames
Ken Miller's Bookmarks
David MacKay's Home Page
Improved Heterogeneous Distance Functions
Local Hotels and Motels
Local Hotel and Motel Information
Data Broadcasting Corporation Home Page
Welcome to NextCard
Useful Electronic Links
The CD Information Center
Bibliography on Bias and Variance (Cyril)
Heather Graham Pictures 2
Heather Graham Homepage
The Awesomely Useful Guide To Where To Buy Computer Products: ComputerESP
Pittsburgh Menus
Starbuzz: C
Nikki Cox!
Nikki Cox Gallery #1
Woman Celebrities Gallery
Bill Gates Net Worth Page
Welcome to Springer
Bill Gates Net Worth Page
Cyberian Outpost - Computers notebooks desktops hardware & software - Buy it Today - Use it Tomorrow
Directory of /pub/tgd/papers
Oregon State University Computer Science Department - Thomas Dietterich
106 photos de Vanessa Demouy accompagné de mensurations et une biographie...
Robot Learning Lab
TtH: a ``TeX to HTML'' translator.
This unscientific age
Maja J Mataric
Tex2RTF Download Page
The LATEX2HTML Translator
Switches controlling Navigation Panels
The LATEX2HTML Translator
Robot Learning Laboratory
Robot Learning Laboratory
Red Rocket: the online learning store for kids
CAIN Europe's BibTex Repository: New Entry Menu
LaTeX 2e and Related Tools
Line Spacing
NIPS: Neural Information Processing Systems 1998 (NIPS*98) - Query Results
The Em Algorithm and Extensions (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics. Applied Probability and Statistics)
Fundamentals of Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
Fundamentals of Algorithmics
Directory of /
education, robot, educational, robotics, educational robotics, robot
Robots Wanted: Dead or Alive, Whole or Parts.
Search Results
Outside Online
Why pay more for the same seat?
105.9 The X
Britannica Home
Pittsburgh Menus
Toys from Archie McPhee Online
Excite Travel: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania City Info
Contrast stretching (exercise)
Pitt Theatre Home Page
Digital Image Processing
Federico Mena's plug-ins
GNUPLOT documentation
INPEX-World's Largest Invention/New Product Expo
about inpex
Home Video - View Item
Welcome to SpiderGear!
Nakamichi America Corporation
ProSpec Video Section
Television (TV)
CNN/GIST! Hometech: TV Reviews
CompareNet - The Interactive Buyers Guide!
Index of TVs
HTML Tag Reference
The WDVL: Introduction to Style Sheets
Web Review Style Sheets Reference Guide

Personal Toolbar Folder


NexCom Technology, Inc. Home Page
GTE SuperPages®: Matching Categories
Electronic Collections Online
University Library System -- University of Pittsburgh
Enhanced for Netscape 2.0!
Welcome To WTAE TV Online
C-shell Cookbook
The Atomic Archive
BEAR ISLAND - Teddy Bears - Beanie Babies - Gifts - Family Safe Shopping Mall
Financial Makeover: Out of Debt
FurnitureSite - The Premier Furniture Store on the Internet
IDG - The legal lowdown on game emulators
Intraware: Applix: Applixware 4.4 Windows: Release Notes
Linux Word Processing
Nadav Har'El's Cola Page
TSC - The Coca-Cola Gallery
JUNYOR'S Coca-Cola Homepage
What is Bayesian Learning?
Virtual World!
Misc. papers and bibliographies on the Net
Sau's Must-Read Lists
Neural Networks
Tower Air Fare Detail
Southwest Airlines Home Gate
HCI - Custom Comics Page
It's National Masturbation Month! - Amateur Erotica - 5/02/98
Armed Forces Merchandise Outlet
Snooze Desk
Luis's Home Page at MIT
Errors and Omissions - Costello & Sons Insurance Brokers
Walter Pietsch's Nikon Page
Apple II History
Centerpointe Electronic Kits
Home Automation Systems Catalog X10 automation home security surveillance audio video control
Miltronics: Alert Products, wireless monitoring and detection systems. Don't be surprised.
LinkExchange - SiteInspector
Cruel Site of the Day
Movie Memories
The Stars Come Out: Movie Posters - The R Page
Subminiature Recirculating Ball Slide Guides - Del-Tron Precision, Inc. -
Lucent Technologies: Advanced Information System Engineering
Toolshop: Mainpage
Welcome to InterArt
Keith Haring: Pop Shop NYC at SFMOMA
Pittsburgh Map and Restaurant Database
The Programmer's Source
YACL: Yet Another Class Library
Computer: Discount Computer Wholesale Prices
Eric Armin Inc. (EAI)
motherboards, drives, memory, computer systems - Krex Direct
Kurt's Franklin all REX page
Help On LaTeX Commands
LINUXLINK linux support homepage
The Gadgeteer - Home
Molecular Expressions: The Beershots Photo Gallery
World Sexual Records
The Internet Adult Film Database
The Internet Adult Film Database
Guide to information on porn on the Net
Asian Ass Home
Lucent Technologies: SVM overview description
1986.5-1992 MA-70 Supra Chassis
Lane's CarTech Supra - Toyota's Heavy Hitter...
Jay Marks Toyota - Your Toyota Internet Parts Source
Modified 89 Turbo Supra
Autotech Home Page
Documentation Library
The Pubs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Beer in Pittsburgh
Support Vector Machines
Luke Ford
Earl Zausmer BMW Car Audio Page
Oren Etzioni's Home Page
Welcome to LIMARC
A Unix Bag of Tricks
Gay & Straight Adult Video Reviews - RAD Video the official site of rec.arts.movies.erotica
Linux Applications
Culture News from Wired News
SeksNet Free Pictures Section
Algorithms in the Real World: Compression
Culture News from Wired News
HotWired: Animation Express
The Java Tutorial
JDK 1.1.x Documentation
Package Index
.1A Poster best prices for posters worldwide
WORLD WIDE POSTERS - The ultimate store for art posters, prints and lithographs
Buffy at
CNN - Webby Awards: And the nominees are... - January 7, 1999
CNN - Webby Awards: And the nominees are... - January 7, 1999
Port Authority Home Page
The Little Mermaid FAQ
Sexy Females Merchandise!
Join the Club!
Bad Kitty!
GlamourCon Home Page
Golden Apple Online
Snap:Entertainment:Fun Pages:Americana:Collectibles & Pastimes:Vintage Pin Ups:Page, Betty e-Print archive
Star Wars Collectibles Network - Comics
Help On LaTeX Commands
LaTeX Tricks: Page Set-up
Emulators Unlimited
Apple II Sites and Information
Apple II Sites and Information
Apple ][ Home Page
The Power ][ Be Your Best!
3/3 Sc. Softw. Map/LinUX [54 Kb]
An ICA page-papers,code,demo,links (Tony Bell)
Online Software for Clustering
netlib home page - Great Posters and Prints at Great prices!
Index to the Funnies Archives
CD-R Prices
Technical Info
Inform October 97, The Debate over Green vs. Gold CD-R Media
Specials CD Recorder CD Recorders CD-R CDR software CD-Rom CD Rom 3dfx DVD Sony Yamaha CRW4416 CRW4416s CRW4416sx Ricoh MP7040 Banshee Asus Tekram Motherboard SCSI card Initio Adaptec
cd recording help cd-r cdr
Welcome to the Official Web-Site of Mile High Comics
Welcome to The Empire of Toys! Don't miss our specials!
Best Fares Magazine -- NewsDesk
Best Fares Magazine -- NewsDesk
Derm/cinema lobby page
Cartoon Network: Web Premiere Toons
chickenhead | march 1999
Online Machine Learning Resources
Derivatives of Trig Functions
Jeremy S. de Bonet : Vision Research
Jeremy S. de Bonet : Example Driven Image Database Querying
Mp3 2000's Full Albums
T'bone Fender's SW Universe - Dig it.
You have reached the most visited vintage movie poster site on the Internet
11: Number theory
BBC News | Front Page | front page
Other Data Mining and Neural Network Links
Acon User Manual
C_Images - The software Library
--= V R M L 4 L i n u x =-- - Internet - Net Trends - Software from Out There
Apache Project
Apache Project
How to write a Parser / translator using Lex /Yacc
How to write a Parser / translator using Lex /Yacc
A Beginner's Guide to URLs
PriceSCAN: Your Unbiased Guide to the Lowest Prices on Books, Computers, Electronics, Movies, Music, Video Games...
ByHand Calligraphy and Handwriting Editor for Weddings, Personal correspondence, or Personalized Direct-Mail
The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus Sextoys and Marital Aids Sextoys and Marital Aids
Sorting and Searching Algorithms: A Cookbook
OHMYGOODNESS - Welcome to our fantastic world
Media Metrix Top 500 visitor analyzer
Recycled Equipment Company
eBay Seller List: webbetty - Welcome!
Ask Jeeves
The Online Software Museum - Exhibit Hall
Free Cum Shot Pix
Voyeur Dorm
Voyeur Dorm
Voyeur Dorm
Checker - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF)
Debugging Tools for Dynamic Storage Allocation and Memory Management
NLL - Software -> Utilities
LookSmart - exploring World - Computers & Internet - Multimedia & Design - Music & Sound - MP3
Top 35 Sites
Welcome to Good (Verified) MP3
Good (Verified) MP3 Top 50 Referring Sites
D-Porno Hentai - XXX Anime/Manga Cartoons - FREE, NO AVS (forever)
Hentai Anime Manga - Dwell inside the dark realm baby!
Daily Hampshire Gazette | Comics-Bizarro
VL on Graphic Literature: Comics online (G-L)
Pitt Med - Dining
Sirens Magazine Supermodels and Photo Treasure Chest
Star Seeker Individual Supermodels
Women celebrities and models picture archive
DAILY BIKINI - Babes and Models In Bikinis - Daily Pictures & Web Directory Pics
Chase's Home Page
Star Seeker Individual Supermodels
Top 100 Bikini Sites
The Star Wars Reference Archive--Print
JPEG image 459x614 pixels
B l u e H a r v e s t . n e t - I m a g e s
TerraServer Homepage
Bunker's Links to Female Celebrity Sites - Page Three
J. Fox Collectables
asian sex pictures japanese teens hardcore porn movies mpeg
Untitled Document
Asian Pleasures
HACKERS HOME PAGE-computer hacking, phone phreaking, gambling hacking, smart card cracking, credit card hacking, cable tv & DSS hacking
Thousands of Hollywood gifts online!
The Three Rivers Free-Net
Port Authority Home Page
LEDs with punch
Mike Tyson discos in disguise
Epson PhotoPC Software for Unix/Linux, Windows, and MS-DOS
Defeat the Darkside and Win - Connecting you to the best humor on the net... funny jokes, weird news, comedians, comics, chat and more!
The Must See Nude Celebrity Site |The Place for Rare Nude Celebrity Pictures|
Northern Audio Exchange
MSB Technology:The leader in Innovative Audio
Snell Acoustics RCS 1000
Lehmann Audio DAC+
Audio Crafters Guild X-DAC 3.0
The Parts Connection
Welcome to Furniture Porn!!
Linux System Administrators' Guide 0.6
Linux Administrators FAQ List: Miscellaneous Questions
Linux Study Guide
Contemporary ASCII
Carnegie Mellon DSL
Welcome to Round Zero
Nichia America Corporation
Instant Company
The Common Gateway Interface
Glimpse -- a UNIX Search Engine
Suck: Daily
JPEG image 650x498 pixels
Technology News from Wired News
The Linux Tips HOWTO: Short Tips
Chaperon memory access checker
Caldera Thin Clients, Inc.
FAST Search: All the Web, All the Time
SRDBnet package for Linux
Deal Finder [Main] - Online bookstore specializing in professional books, interactive training and certification


Nokia 6110, 6120, 6160 Original and Aftermarket Cellular Phone Accessories
leather cell phone cases, belt clips and holsters
Baker Products, Inc. - Cases & Accessories for Cellular Phones, Beepers, (Personal Digital Assistants) PDAs, and Laptops - Wholesale
Scuby Cellular and PCS Phone Case from The Pouch
MK Wireless PCS And CELLULAR Accessories - Nokia - 6100 Series Leather Cases
Nokia 6185 Cellular Phone Accessories
Wireless Corner(SM), the online store of cellular phone accessories.
Nokia 6100 Series Cases

Lumichrome® Model 1XC T-12 Fluorescent Tube
Light Sources for Architectural Lighting, by Bill Williams
Don's Lighting Info Center!
Got a Match?
Got a Match?
Welcome to
SMARTHOME.COM Catalog X10 automation home security surveillance audio video control
Advanced Services Inc. Home Automation
Intro to Zephyr
Adrenaline Vault Hardware Sector - 3D Technology - 3Dfx Interactive Voodoo Graphics
Sweetwater Sound Inc.
Recommended Sound Cards
Voyetra Turtle Beach Home: Sound Cards, Digital Recording, Composing and Educational Software Products
Voyetra Turtle Beach Home: Sound Cards, Digital Recording, Composing and Educational Software Products
Video chips and circuists
NLANR Cache Logfile Analysis Scripts
Entropy Systems, Inc. - Very High Efficiency Engines, Refrigerators, Air Conditioners, and Compressors
GCC Home Page
linux-gcc mailing list for April, 1999: Re: register_frame_info
The Representation of Color Metrics and Mappings in Perceptual Color Space
A Computational Model of Color Perception and Color Naming
Poynton's Color FAQ
Greek Letters and Math Symbols
Compression : Algorithms : Statistical Coders
AITech International
PCFriendly Online
An Atlas of Cyberspaces
AltaVista: Simple Query "+linux +segmentation +fault +debug"
Free Program Checkers and Debuggers
Linux Development Tools
Cora Research Paper Search
Cygwin FAQ
Understanding IP Addressing
Complete List of Class A and Class B Networks
The Hi-Way Playground: exotic dancers, adult videos, magazines, novelties in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Independent JPEG Group
CS5605 - Compilers
CS5605 - Compilers - TAG Heuer watches, Omega, Seiko, Movado, Bulova, Rolex, Longines, Citizen, Breitling, Cartier, Raymond Weil, Swiss Army, Sector, and Rado.
Linux.DaveCentral: TiK -- The AOL Instant Messenger Tcl/Tk Client
Wireless Andrew
21 Ideas for the 21st Century
Arcade Games Online - Your source for free online gaming!
WebCrawler Games: Online Games
Tours in the RI
Untitled Document
B&H Photo-Video-Pro Audio Homepage
Camcorder, VCR, DVD Digital Cameras. Low Prices Mail Order
CTM: Plotting in Matlab
Welcome To SexyMouse International
Untitled Document
Ars Technica: The PC enthusiast's resource
Quantum Image - Home Page
GFDL Visualization Guide: Image Programs - Star Wars Liquor Store
TTO News and Documents
CyberRebate, Free Stuff!
AvantGo, Inc.
zarchive http server The one-stop online operations center for small businesses.
CALD 10-602 Home Page
Digital imaging systems cameras video inspection machine vision Subtechnique
Applied Innovative Technologies, Inc.
MIT Sloan . Faculty/Staff
Andrew Lo's Homepage
Ananova -
Law Enforcement Equipment Company - 1-800-821-3238
Generating Gaussian Random Numbers
IlliGAL Home Page
ResearchIndex [NEC Research Institute; Steve Lawrence, Kurt Bollacker, Lee Giles]
CST Search
Welcome to CD Movies!
The Official Sung Hi Lee Website
CyberBeauties - March 2000
The System-G from Fran De Aquino
Asian Image Nice Arts of Oriental - 7+7 Free High Quality Semi Nude Asian Teens Daily
Magellan Entertainment: R- and X-Rated: Free Images: Ethnicity: Asian
Asia Kitty Keiko - Pg2
AtomFilms: Get Into Our Shorts 03
Aardman Animations
Rouze Pictorials
Deep Cold Home by Dan Roam
Furby Autopsy
tickle robot
Linux Parallel Port Home Page
The PC's Parallel Port
GNU Scientific Library -- Reference Manual - Random Number Distributions
Hubs and Authorities - Home
All the Web, All the Time - Search
Swap This! Swap Setup
Heads Together Video Catalogue - Adult-XXX
A Statistical Learning/Pattern Recognition Glossary
Welcome to HumanOIDS
OmniVision -- Single-Chip CMOS Image Sensors ("Camera-on-a-Chip")
Leg World Online
Free HTML Code Checking (Tracker's Eclectica)
Circuit Specialists - Data Acquisition - Industrial Computers - Test Equipment - Components & Supplies...
Wirz Electronics' Home Page
Untitled Document
TAPR Special Interest Groups : Short-Film Sites Offer Hope for Online Entertainment
SANS Resources - How To Eliminate The Ten Most Critical Internet Security Threats
Agris-Schoen Vision Systems Inc. - Machine Vision
ChipCenter: The Web's Definitive Electronics Resource
The Angels Of The Net
The Angels Of The Net, Sara St James. The most beautiful girl EVER seen on the Net!
Acer Technology Ventures
REX PC Companion Electronic Organizer Page (Franklin / Starfish / Citizen / Rolodex REX / PC Card / PCMCIA Card / Palmtop / Handheld )
PA State Association of County Fairs
> Matlab > Graphics and Visualization > C and C++
JIM's SPOTLIGHT - Movie Posters 1960's - 2000
Cycling Tips & Links in the Pittsburgh Area
Restaurants in Pittsburgh
Spatial Statistics Software
uClinux -- Embedded Linux Microcontroller Project -- Home Page
C2C C-compiler
The Decoding Model: a Symmetrical Model of Color Vision
PJRC's High Capacity MP3 Player
The Associated Breast: Top News Stories
Barnes & - Pattern Recognition Theory and Applications
Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Free-Net, Pittsburgh PA
SAS Information Guides
Our Brains Recognize Objects By Making Comparisons
Frequently Asked Floating Point Questions
GIF image 280x295 pixels
Whos Your Froggy
Comforting Climax: Orgasm Offers Health Benefits
ZapStation ::: Specs
Data Services
Diversified Enterprises Descartes, Pocket-Bot and VersaBot Miniature Robots
Diversified Enterprises Descartes, Pocket-Bot and VersaBot Miniature Robots
HVW Technologies
Stas Busygin's NP-Completeness Page
PowerLeap Products Home Page
PowerLeap Products Home Page
Aspartame and the NSDA Protest
Activist : Ban Aspartame Page
Home Page
Ace's Hardware
LEDs - Gallium Indium Nitride UV, violet, purple, blue, aqua, turquoise, green, white. Also Gallium Arsenide and others. New LED MUSEUM! GaN, InGaN, SiC, GaAs, GaP, GaAlP, ZnSe, flashlight, flashlights.
A Note on the Voting Irregularities in Palm Beach, Florida
Will Hively, Math Against Tyranny, Discover Magazine, November, 1996
Kernel Machines
C2C C-compiler
Welcome to
Linux-kernel mailing list archive 2000-14,: incredibly poor SCSI performance - why ?
Linux WWW Resources
ZDNet UK: Peripherals - Network Interface Cards
Caesius Software Inc. Presents WebQL
.// Dulux DVD
The Game Doc, pinball machines, video and arcade games
Software homepage > Win Insider > Real-World Netscape 6 Experiences > 12-01-2000
The Sunday Times
MGA Entertainment - Home Page
Acme Klein Bottle
Cradle Technologies, Inc.
ScienceDaily Magazine -- Working Together In "War Rooms" Doubles Teams' Productivity, University Of Michigan Researchers Find
Turn On the High Beams: A New Fashion Accessory You May Not Have Known You Needed: Faux Nipples
Products From Outlaw Audio
About Statistics
Transportation vehicles and methods (US5971091)
A revolutionary new wheelchair
The WTO speaks a little too honestly
Acer NT-150 Set-top Box Internals
SV TEHS SIA : Ubicom resources
3.1.1 Condition Number
Atomic Wall Clocks
Who Won the Bush Inaugural Poem Contest? by David Plotz
CVonline - Compendium of Computer Vision
New Internet Computer Company
HackHU- DSS Hacking, HU Hack, H Card, DTV Hack
Nikola Tesla - Genius, Prophet, Mad Scientist
AKG ACOUSTICS - Headphones
Memory Guide by DELEC (USA)
WQED Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Magazine City Guide
News Release - Mini-robot research
Sam Roweis: Tutorial Notes
dvd movie and player rentals - InMotion Pictures
Sex Week 2001
Cables N Mor Video Switch Box VGA
Orchid Photos
The American Orchid Society - Orchid Care Guide
PurpleYogi, Inc.
Gray Scale and Color Checker Cards
DataPlay - What's Playing On DataPlay
The THIN H LINE Online Comic
12 Great Tasting, Mouth Watering, Exotic Flavors of Fortune Cookies You'll Be Sure to Love
Fiesta On-Line - Welcome to THE Adult Web Site