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Thoughts and Rambles (Very Old)

The Ultimate Purpose of the Universe

An interesting link... Ever wonder what's the purpose of it all? Author Douglas Adams suggests that the Earth was built as a giant computer whose purpose was to compute the ultimate answer (actually the question) to life, the universe, and everything. Well, what if the purpose of our universe was a little less grandiose. Ever wonder why astrophysicists cannot decide whether the universe is closed or open? What if the purpose of our universe was to compute a single bit - the value of which is determined by whether the universe is open or closed. -- 1/20/97

A Reproductive Advantage?

A interesting link... Some recent work on auto-immune diseases has suggested that people who eat certain proteins can gain relief from their diseases. This is based on research which has shown that there is a mechanism by which the body suppresses immune reactions to ingested proteins. This allows us to eat meat without having an immune reaction to the proteins in the meat. On a related note, I wonder if any of the problems with infertility have to do with the lifetime of sperm. I would assume that one of the mechanisms in a woman's body which kills sperm is an immune reaction. Do I need to go further? This would suggest a possible reproductive advantage. If my premises are correct, then this could be verified through research. -- 8/27/96   (For more info on the oral suppression of autoimmunity: AutoImmune Inc.)

    Update - 3/15/02:

    This is one of my ideas which I considered to be a little more on the fringe and never thought I would see verification of. But here it is in a story on 2/6/02 and a local mirror.

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Product Ideas

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Technology Issues (Very Old)

This is a web page that I started, but never quite completed or kept up to date in which I was planning to track important developing technology trends.

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