Burgh Insider

By Chuck Rosenberg


In my time living in Pittsburgh I've found that there are many interesting places in Pittsburgh - but someone has to tell you about them - there is no way that you would find them on your own. So I've decided to put together a little list of the things people have told me about and I've checked out. Let me say up front that my tastes run toward California yuppie. Some of these are cool little places to take people to show them that Pittsburgh ain't such a bad place. I will fill in detail as I find time. Things are not listed in any particular order.

If you have any suggestions or additions, e-mail me: chuck@cs.cmu.edu

Restaurants and Food

  • La Feria - Peruvian, on Walnut Street in Shadyside
  • Pino's - Italian, on Murray in Squirrel Hill
  • Mad Mex - Tex Mex, in Oakland
  • Tasty - Traditional Chinese, in Shadyside
  • Lemongrass - Thai, it is on Forbes (upstairs) between Murray and Shady in Squirrel Hill
  • Kaya - Carribean, in the Strip District
  • Casbah - in Shadyside
  • The Pittsburgh Deli Co. - on Walnut in Shadyside
  • Brewster's Ice Cream
  • Dave and Andy's Ice Cream
  • The Pittsburgh Macaroni Company - food store in the strip
  • The Health Food Store (what is the name) at the end of Murray in Squirrel Hill
  • The Food Co-op (what is the name)
  • Big House on Baum (I forget the name)
  • Primanti Brothers
  • Spice Island Tea House
  • Yacov's - on Murray in Squirrel Hill - kosher dairy - good falafel
  • Jo Jo's - breakfast in the strip district
  • De Lucca's - breakfast in the strip district
  • Tram's - Vietnamese place
  • Indian Grocery on Craig Street


  • Squirrel Hill
  • Shadyside - Walnut and Elsworth
  • Oakland
  • Strip District - at night and on Saturday Mornings
  • South Side - East Carson Street

Microbeweries and Pubs

  • Valhalla in the Strip District, good beer, nice to sit out on a warm day
  • The Foundry in the Strip District, great beer
  • The Church Brewery - great atmosphere, but so-so beer
  • The Sharp Edge - in East Liberty (but a bit yuppie) with a great beer selection
  • Chiodo's - traditional pittsburgh pub in homestead with a good beer selection

Entertainment / Museums / Touristy Things To Do

  • Pittsburgh Public Theater
  • The Frick House and associated Museums
  • The Andy Warhol
  • The Phipps Conservatory
  • The Incline
  • Mount Washington

The Airport Flyer

  • The Frick House and associated Museums
  • The Andy Warhol
  • The Phipps Conservatory

Shopping and Malls

  • Best Buy
  • Ikea
  • Home Depot
  • Shadyside Hardware - in Shadyside on Walnut
  • Houseworks
  • Ross Park Mall
  • Monroeville
  • Edgewood Mall
  • Robinson Town Square
  • The other mall on the way to the airport
  • Perlora
  • Wholey's in the strip - gourmet cooking stuff in the back of the store upstairs
  • Grove City Outlet Mall
  • Waterworks
  • Comic Book Store at the end of the strip


  • The Shadyside Art Fetsival - on both Walnut and Ellsworth

In the surrounding area...

  • Amish Country
  • Kennywood
  • Cedar Point


  • Cafe Au Lait in the Southside
  • Cafe Tuscany in the Southside
  • (Need to find the name) on Liberty in Bloomfield / Friendship
  • Eric's Tazzo De Oro (sp?) on N. Highland Ave in Highland Park


  • Nothing here yet...

Not Recommended

  • Ali Babba's on Craig Street in Oakland
  • Khalil's on Baum in Oakland
  • City Theater

I Need to Get More Info

  • local flea markets
  • Zoo
  • National Aviary

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