A game

A.k.a. "the time I pretended to be an artist."

Play as Okuu, and use that nuclear control rod on your arm to fight through the swarms of zombies and find Orin!

Unfortunately, the real Orin was unavailable, so we settled for an understudy (circled in red).


WASD - move
Left mouse - attack (when cannon lowered) / shoot (when cannon raised)
Right mouse - raise / lower cannon
Tab - backstep (evades attacks, and also does damage)
C - cheer

Esc - exit game immediately
Alt-Enter - toggle fullscreen
Ctrl-R - restart level

The basic attack can be chained up to 3 times. You can also backstep immediately after any attack.

There's also some debugging stuff that I never bothered deleting:

K - die
M - revive
T - take 1 damage


During my last semester of undergrad, as the final project for this course, a group of my friends and I created something resembling a video game. I make it available here for the fun of it; the binaries can be found here, and the code is publicly available here. (Windows only, because there was no way we'd do any kind of cross-platform thing for a class project.)

The game was written in C# using OpenTK (a library of OpenGL bindings for C#), and was otherwise written from the ground up. My personal contribution was the game and animation engine, the basic rendering framework, as well as game logic and character controls. I was also responsible for finding the character art assets, and doing the rigging and animating. (The experience more or less comprised a one-week crash course on Blender.)

The model for Okuu comes from here.

The model for the zombie fairy enemies comes from here.

The picture of Orin is this one.

All characters depicted in this game are the copyright of Team Shanghai Alice, the creator of Touhou Project; all 3D models and 2D textures included are copyright of their respective creators, none of whom are me.

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