I am a second-year PhD student in CMU's Computer Science Department, co-advised by Stelian Coros and Keenan Crane. I'm mainly interested in computer graphics, particularly algorithmic problems in the field. I hope to be able to take mathematical insights from topology and geometry, and apply them to practical problems in graphics, particularly those involving some medium of creative design or expression. In the past, I've done some work that draws upon the fields of theoretical computer science, programming languages, and networking.

Before coming to CMU, I did my undergrad at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, where I majored in computer science with a minor in mathematics. There, I was fortunate to be able to work with Nate Foster and Bobby Kleinberg.

My work is currently supported by an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship.


My current work is focused on algorithmic and geometric problems related to 3D fabrication.

A primary focus of my work is methods for designing and fabricating deployable and reconfigurable structures using 3D printing. Though most widely available 3D printers are only able to print using rigid plastic materials, motions become possible by introducing either hinges that provide rotational degrees of freedom, or telescoping shells that provide translational degrees of freedom. The design space of such structures is very large, but currently there exist few methods to create these objects outside of designing and assembling them manually. We are hoping to introduce new parameterizations for various types of reconfigurable structures, and ultimately to create computational design tools to allow users to explore these design spaces.


Telescoping Structures Computational Design of Telescoping Structures
Christopher Yu, Keenan Crane, Stelian Coros


I like to draw, sometimes realistically, and more often stylistically.

I enjoy music, both listening and playing it. I play the trumpet, and have attempted to teach myself the piano. During undergrad, I learned some things about computer music, and I made a few compositions.

Another time, some friends and I made a game with some nice graphics stuff in it.