Carnegie Mellon University
15-826 Multimedia Databases and Data Mining
Spring 2009 - C. Faloutsos

Grading scheme for final report and poster

The grade of the final phase of the project will have the following components:
  1. writeup: there, you would describe the novelties of your approach and your discoveries/insights/experiments
  2. software: packaging, documentation, and portability. The goal is to provide enough material, so that other people can use it and continue your work.
  3. poster presentation.

A. Poster

B. Grading Scheme

C. Specifications for packaging of software:

Please create a tar-file, like this sample package ( use  gunzip ; tar xvf). Check-list:
  1. after un-tar-ing, the command 'make' should compile your system, install it if necessary and run a small demo on a sample input file (included in your package)
  2. it should have a README file, corresponding to the `user's manual': This file should describe the package in a few paragraphs, as well as how to install it and how to use it.
  3. it should have a directory DOC, with your writeup, and your foils (in your favorite form: latex, pdf, powerpoint, ms-word)
  4. `make'  or 'make paper.pdf' should create the corresponding version of your writeup (skip this step, if you use ms-word)
  5. `make clean' should eliminate all the derived files (*.o, *.class, *.aux, etc)
  6. `make all.tar' (or 'make') should create a  tar/zip-file,  ready for distribution.
  7. please make sure that your package includes only the absolutely necessary set of files!

D. What to hand in, for the final project report

On Tue April 28, 1:30pm,  please:
  1. bring a hard copy of the writeup in class,
  2. also bring a (hard copy) of the graded phase-2 report and graded phase-1 report and
  3. e-mail  the instructor your tar/zip-file before class.  If the file is too large for e-mailing, contact the instructor.

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