Carnegie Mellon University
15-826 Multimedia Databases and Data Mining
Spring 2008 - C. Faloutsos

Final Exam Study Guide


  1. Exam duration: 3 hours, on Tue May 13, 8:30am-11:30 PH A18A (double-check at
  2. All aids allowed, EXCEPT laptop (due to its wireless connection) 
  3. Please bring a calculator
  4. The exam will be comprehensive, with more emphasis on the material after the midterm
  5. Extra office hours by instructor: Wed 5/7, 2-3pm; Fri 5/9 12-1pm
For your information:
  1. Several of the links are internal to CMU.
  2. The reading list below is a slightly modified version of the original reading list. Namely, we are omitting DataCubes, OLAP,  ICA and approximation algorithms.

Required text

Recommended text



In pdf, from the course schedule page.

A. Multimedia Indexing

B. Data mining

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