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15-826 Multimedia Databases and Data Mining
Fall 2014 - C. Faloutsos


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Course information

  • Instructor: Christos Faloutsos, (christos <at>
    • GHC 8019, ph (412)-268.1457
    • office hours: We 1-2pm; also, by appointment
  • TAs: contact info, and office hours:
    • HE, Yuning ( yuningh <at> andrew ) -           Mon 4:00-5:00pm @GHC 5th floor commons area
    • HOU, Chenying ( chenyinh <at> andrew ) -  Tu. 7:00-8:00pm @GHC 5th floor common area
    • LEE, Jay Yoon ( jaylee <at> andrew ) -        Fri. 10:30-11:30am @ GHC9227
    • SHAH, Neil ( neilshah <at> andrew ) -         Th. 2:00-3:00pm @ GHC8023
    • ZHANG, Yan ( yanzhan2 <at> andrew ) -      Fri. 9:30-10:30am @GHC 6th floor commons area
    • ZHENG, Peixin ( peixinz <at> andrew ) -     Mon 10:00-11:00am @GHC 5th floor commons area

  • Class meets: Tu-Th 3:00-4:20, DH2302
  • URL for this very web page:

Late Policy - for all deliverables:

  • No delay penalties, for medical etc emergencies (bring doctor's note).
  • Each person has 4 'slip days' total, for the whole semester.
    • That is, no questions asked, if the total delay is 4 days or less.
    • 5% per day of delay, after that

Regrade-request policy

  • Regrade requests should be done in writing/email
  • within 7 days
  • to the TA that graded the question, and specifying
    1. the question under dispute (e.g., 'HW0-Q.2.b')
    2. the extra points requested (e.g., '2 points out of 5')
    3. and the justification (e.g., 'I forgot to eliminate mirror pairs')
  • in the remote case there is no satisfactory resolution, please contact the instructor.

Homework pick-up information

  • You may pick up graded homeworks etc, from the course admin
    • Mrs. Marilyn Walgora, GHC 8120
    • 8:30am-12noon, 1pm-4:30pm every weekday
    • with photo-id (for your privacy protection)




Bulletin board

We will use the 'blackboard' for discussions, announcements, and homework deposits - for everything else, we will use this very web page.

Misc. resources

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