Carnegie Mellon University
15-826 Multimedia Databases and Data Mining
  Fall 2013 - C. Faloutsos



  1.  Hard copy: Turn in one complete report in hard copy, following the provided  latex template, ie., with
    1. Abstract,
    2. Introduction,
    3. Literature Survey,
    4. Method,
    5. Experimental Analysis,
    6. Appendix, with  the breakdown of work and all of your code (if your code is too long, contact corresponding grader).
  2. E-copy: submit a tar file, with
    1. all your latex/msword sources for the write-up, and
    2. all your code plus data, packaged as specified in

Details for PROJECT 1 ('insects') - grader: Vagelis Papalexakis

For Project 1, you are expected to complete all 5 tasks; since all of you did Visualization on Phase 2, this means that you have to complete the Anomaly Detection task, as well as finalize the Custom Distance Function Task (which is the innovative task). You also have to complete any sub-tasks that you left incomplete in Phases 1 & 2. (there will be a penalty of 5% for any sub-task missing from the final report).

The detailed point break-down is as follows:

Details for PROJECT 2 ('graph mining') - grader: Alex Beutel

You are expected to complete
In your method section for each task you should explain both the math and how to use SQL to implement the algorithm.  In your experimental analysis you should verify the validity of your implementation against Matlab (which can easily perform most of these tasks on small datasets) or against test data that you construct to show that the methods work.  In addition to this, you should run your algorithms on as many datasets as possible (at least 5 relatively large datasets, of at least 1 million nodes).  In your report you should give an overview of the results for each method, why they make sense, similarities and differences of the results across the different data sets, etc.  This should be done primarily through plots (and do not use Node ID as an axis in your plots).

The detailed point break-down is as follows:

Details for non-default projects - grader: Christos Faloutsos

No changes from the old announcements, ie.:

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