Carnegie Mellon University
15-721 Database System Design and Implementation
Spring 2003 - C. Faloutsos

Grading scheme for final report

The grade of the final phase of the project will have two components:
  1. writeup: there, you would describe the novelties of your approach and your discoveries/insights/experiments
  2. software: packaging, documentation, and portability. The goal is to provide enough material, so that other people can use it and continue your work.

A. Grading Scheme

Deviations from the above scheme:

B. Specifications for packaging:

Please create a tar-file, like this sample package ( use  gunzip ; tar xvf). Exact specifications:
  1. after un-tar-ing, the command 'make' should compile your system, install it if necessary and run a small demo on a sample input file (included in your package)
  2. your programs should run on at least two environments (the one of your class account, as well as on, say, on your ``andrew'' account), and, ideally, on as many environments as possible.
  3. it should have a README file, corresponding to the `user's manual': This file should describe the package in a few paragraphs, as well as how to install it and how to use it.
  4. it should have a directory DOC, with your writeup, preferably in latex
  5. `make' should create a postscript version of your writeup (Not applicable, if you use ms-word or open-office)
  6. `make clean' should eliminate all the derived files (*.o, *.aux, etc)
  7. `make uu' should create a gzip-ed, uuencoded tar-file into the UNIX file 'uu', which should be ready for distribution.
  8. please make sure that your package includes only the absolutely necessary set of files!

C. Deadline - check-list of items to hand in:

April 24, 2003, in class, for both the write-up as well as the software. Please,
  1. bring a hard copy of the writeup in class,
  2. also bring a (hard copy) of the graded phase-2 report and
  3. e-mail me a copy of your uuencoded tar-file before class. The tar-file should include your report in latex, in the DOC directory.