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15721 Database System Design and Implementation
Spring 2003 - C. Faloutsos
Final exam study guide



Several of the papers of the `Red book' are available through the ACM digital library, free of charge to CMU.

Material to be examined

The Roots

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Relational Implementation Techniques
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Concurrency Control
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Distributed Database Systems
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Parallel Database Systems
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Data Mining
  1. J. Gray, S. Chaudhuri, A. Bosworth, A. Layman, D. Reichart, M. Venkatrao, F. Pellow, and H. Pirakesh, Data Cube: A Relational Aggregation Operator Generalizing Group-By, Cross-Tab, and Sub-Totals, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery 1, 29 , 1997
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  3. Agrawal, R. and R. Srikant, Fast Algorithms for Mining Association Rules, Proceedings of the VLDB Conference, 1994

The introductions, in ALL chapters of the 'red book'  (Chapters 1-9, included)

Extra: SVD and Ratio Rules

  1. Flip Korn, H.V. Jagadish and Christos Faloutsos “Efficiently Supporting Ad Hoc Queries in Large Datasets of Time Sequences”, ACM SIGMOD, Tucson, AZ, pp. 289-300, May 1997.
  2. Korn, F., A. Labrinidis, et al. (1998). Ratio Rules: A New Paradigm for Fast, Quantifiable Data Mining. VLDB, New York, NY. (mainly, the interpretation of the rules and the eigenvectors)
  3. Appendix D in 'multimedia' book
Extra: Fractals
From the papers below, we need mainly the definitions of fractal dimensions, and the description of box-counting.
  1. Christos Faloutsos and Ibrahim Kamel, Beyond Uniformity and Independence: Analysis of R-trees Using  the Concept of Fractal Dimension, PODS, Minneapolis, MN,  May 24-26, 1994, pp. 4-13
  2. Alberto Belussi and Christos Faloutsos Estimating the Selectivity of Spatial Queries Using the `Correlation' Fractal Dimension VLDB, Sept. 1995, Zurich, Switzerland, pp. 299-310
Extra: Sensor  and Stream data mining; indexing, wavelets, and forecasting
  1. From 'multimedia' book:
  2. Byoung-Kee Yi et al.: Online Data Mining for Co-Evolving Time Sequences, ICDE 2000. (mainly, the idea behind multivariate linear regression and 'recursive least squares')
  3. Mengzhi Wang, et al.: Data Mining Meets Performance Evaluation: Fast Algorithms for Modeling Bursty Traffic, ICDE 2002, San Jose, CA. (mainly, the idea behind the 80-20 rule and multifractals)

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