Tutorial at KDD 2018

Title: Graph and Tensor Mining for Fun and Profit


Xin Luna Dong (Amazon), Christos Faloutsos (Amazon and CMU), Andrey Kan (Amazon), Subhabrata Mukherjee (Amazon), and Jun Ma (Amazon)

Short Description

Given a large graph, which is the most important node? Can we plot and visualize the nodes in a low-dimensional space? Given a heterogeneous graph (where edges have attributes), like a knowledge graph, are there regularities? anomalies?
These questions and several related ones, have attracted huge interest, resulting in milestone algorithms like PageRank, HITS, recommendation systems, Belief Propagation, `word2vec', and several more. This tutorial surveys all these algorithms, focusing on the intuition behind them (as opposed to the mathematical analysis); it highlights their strengths, similarities, and illustrates their applicability to real-world problems.

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