Travel Sites

Some highlights copied from CBS News' List

1. FLIGHTS predicts the ideal moment to buy a ticket.

  • Farecast uses historic pricing data to anticipate whether or not a fare is
    likely to fluctuate in the next week, even providing you with a rating.
  • There are also travel tools, including a section that highlights top airfare
    deals - a recent search turned up a flight from Chicago to Honolulu for $385 on
    specific dates in January. It was listed as a "record low" fare and recommended
    to "act fast." get your money back if the ticket price drops.

  • If you've booked a flight directly through an airline website, Yapta will
    monitor the fare, alert you if the price drops, and instruct you how to get a
    refund from the airline for the difference (yes, it's often possible).
  • calls itself "your amazing personal travel assistant"
  • has a new feature that tracks frequent flyer award tickets

    2. DEALS and aggregator sites that are still the ultimate source for deals on airfares, hotels and car rentals.

  • These two aggregators (now both owned by Kayak) are still the ultimate source
    for deals on airfare, hotels, and car rentals.
  • Their new Flight Quality tool highlights itineraries with long layovers or
    short connection times.
  • The Every Hotel on Earth (EHOE) program allows users to search a database of 130,000 properties by amenities and location. for package deals, one week out.

  • The site's Last-Second Deals tab allows you to search, by destination and
    date, a list of packages that include reduced rates for flights, hotels, and
    car rentals.
  • You can search for deals by area of interest, such as "sun & beach" or "ski."
  • A recent search turned up a trip from New York to Miami with 2-nights hotel
    (including air) from $301 /person - it was for a departure the next weekend!

    3. HOTELS pinpoint the best rooms to stay in (and which to avoid) in 450 hotels across the country.

  • Get the floors to avoid and the suites not to miss in 450 hotels across the
    United States.
  • You can compare rooms based on noise level, view, location, and bathroom
  • In the coming year, the site will expand to include hotels in Europe, South
    America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

    4. CAR TRAVEL avoid roadblocks and identify the fastest routes.

  • Identify the fastest, most direct routes -- taking into account speed limits and
    delay times in more than 100 U.S. cities.
  • Real-time data is used for info on roadwork, car accidents, and even
    traffic camera locations.

    5. GROUP TRAVEL let everyone share in the planning.

  • Get all your friends or family members on the same page-literally.
  • Everyone can have an equal share in the planning, thanks to a personalized
    Web site that lets you create to-do lists, chat on private message boards, and
    build day-by-day itineraries.
  • The site also has recommendations for group trips in a variety of categories,
    such as girlfriend getaways and sporting events

    6. VACATION RENTALS check out over 50,000 listings, complete with photos and ratings from previous renters.