A Message for Prospective Undergraduate Students

Welcome to Carnegie Mellon! It is quite an accomplishment to have been admitted, and it is going to be an even greater accomplisment graduating. My best advice to make the most of the experience when you are here. It may seem almost self-evident, but this first means: do well in your classes. Besides your health and happiness, you classwork comes first. However, course work is just the beginning of your academic experience. Get involved with the professor whose research group you like; this means, find a topic and people with whom you can work.

I have worked with many undergraduates over the past years, and we have all found the experiences to be quite rewarding. Undergraduates in my group participate in world-class research which has gotten international attension and recognition from our academic peers. Our students have appeared in the USA Today, CNN Online, and over 200 online news sites all over the world. When they apply to graduate schools or interview for jobs, they certainly have something interesting and powerful to talk about.

However, you should be interested in working in my group for the experience, in it of itself. Do not worry about what comes next: if you do well here, you will do well in the next step of your academic career. Students in my group simply love it here; it is a highly interactive, collaborative, energetic place to work. Many of the students become good friends and in fact, in the summer, they have a lunch-group where students each day try to out-do the previous day by making a better lunch. If you want to work with us, plan to work and eat a lot!

We are currently looking for a few good people for the following projects

If you are interested in these topics, send me an email or just drop by my office

Best of luck