Supervised latent Dirichlet allocation for classification

This is a C++ implementation of supervised latent Dirichlet allocation (sLDA) for classification. Note that the code here is slightly different from what was described in [2] in order to speed up. Note that this is only the sLDA. The annotation part is not yet posted.


Download the readme.txt .

Download the code (version 1.0): slda.tgz .

Sample data

A preprocessed 8-class image dataset [2] from Labelme. download data.tgz.

UIUC Sports annotation files: annotations and meta information. The source image files can be found at here.
(Note: there might be some discrepancies and I don't seem to know why...)


[1] Chong Wang, David M. Blei and Li Fei-Fei. Simultaneous image classification and annotation. In CVPR, 2009. [PDF]

[2] David M. Blei and Jon McAuliffe. Supervised topic models. In NIPS, 2007. [PDF]

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