SPEAR: Scalable Pub-Sub architectures for Efficiency A nd Robustness


Welcome to the homepage of the SPEAR project. Our goal is to produce software components that will facilitate development of robust and efficient Publish-Subscribe systems. To this end we have developed a suite of C++ libraries and header files that enable applications to create multiple intercommunicating instances of a broker (called BLADE) and a client (called SHAFT ). The suite consists of a set of three libraries - blade, shaft and spear - and two header files - Blade.h and Shaft.h.Applications that wish to create instances of BLADE must include Blade.h and link with the blade and spear libraries. Applications that wish to create instances of SHAFT must include Shaft.hand link with the shaft and spear libraries. Applications that wish to create instances of both BLADE and SHAFTmust include both header files and link with all three libraries. There is also a java interface for creating instances of BLADE called JBLADE .



This document deals primarily with the architecture and implementation of SPEAR. If you are eager to just go ahead and start using SPEAR then the tutorials on BLADE , SHAFT andJBLADE might be more helpful.


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We shall be delighted to receive feedback from you. Please email chaki+@cs.cmu.edu with any questions and comments.