Blocks World Project Info

We are going to all work on different aspects of getting robots to do the KEVA Contraptions task, focusing on robot learning.

Top Priorities

Other things to work on

This is what the robots we will use look like:

Related Work



Robot arm stacking blocks in a pyramid This is a Dynamixel robot arm with a custom designed 3D printed gripper that is a 6DOF, 4 link serial manipulator. It detects the colour, position and orientation of the blocks through a Kinect Depth camera located above the robot. The motion and path planning algorithms for the blocks were designed keeping in mind the various tasks presented to us in our lab.

Robotics - Rhino Block Stacking ETSU 2006

Robot Stacking a 5-block Tower Mobile robot doing block stacking. The Sentinel: MIT 6.141 class Tower-Building Mobile Robot. For the MIT class 6.141 (Robotics: Science And Systems I), in preparation for the Final Challenge.

Baxter Research Robot: Block Stacking Demo A quickish demo showing Baxter doing some block stacking! Baxter will find a (single) block in its view and stack it at a known location. Created at the University of Glasgow as part of the CloPeMa (Clothes Perception & Manipulation) project.

OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge Block Stacking Block Stacking with the OWI-535 Robotic Arm Edge using the manual controls. The video was spead up 250% to shoten the video.