16-264: Humanoids
Spring 2020
Instructors: Chris Atkeson, cga@cmu.edu
and Jonathan King, jking2@andrew.cmu.edu
Time: MW 3-4:20PM Place: NSH 3002 Units: 12


TA gives a talk!

Date: Tuesday, February 11, 2020
Time: 10:30AM-11:30AM
Location: GHC 6501
Title: Tendon Driven Foam Hands

Abstract: There has been great progress in soft robot design, manufacture, and control in recent years, and soft robots are a tool of choice for safe and robust handling of objects in conditions of uncertainty. Still, dexterous in-hand manipulation using soft robots remains a challenge. This talk introduces a novel class of soft robots in the form of multi-fingered foam hands actuated by tendons sewn through a fabric glove. The flexibility of tendon actuation allows for high competence in utilizing deformation for robust in-hand manipulation. We discuss manufacturing, control, and experimental results for tendon-driven foam hands and demonstrate robust grasping and in-hand manipulation on a variety of different physical hand prototypes.

Video of the day

Digit: CES 2020, slick promotional video

Of Interest

Autonomous cats, humanoids, and other cool robots at CES 2020

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See course format (above) and the deadlines in the schedule (above). We will work out the project topics together. You can work in groups or alone. The "deliverables" include a web page along the lines of an instructables web page explaining how others could do your project and improve on your results. You will also present your project, and ideally the presentation should be made public as part of your web page. There will be intermediate deliverables including draft web pages and practice presentations.