16-264: Humanoids
Spring 2019
Instructors: Chris Atkeson, cga at cmu
and Roberto Shu rshu at andrew dot cmu
Time: MW 3-4:20PM Place: NSH 3002 Units: 12


RI seminar: Minimalist Visual Perception and Navigation for Consumer Drones
Drones! Cool stuff! Friday 1/25 3:30 NSH 1305.

RI seminar: Building a Force-Controlled Actuator (Company)
This is a good examples of what someone does as a graduate student, and how to start a company. It should be understandable to all. Friday 1/18 3:30 NSH 1305.

Video of the day

Simulation: Keva Plank Building Blender Compilation More Tower Destruction - HD KEVA planks round tower build and destroy using Bullet Physics Engine KEVA plank destruction: PBS final project, keva planks destruction dreamworks castle

A learning robot, robot abuse. running fast.

Future videos

Magnets and Marbles!, The Lucky Yellow Marble, Japanese

Of Interest

NYT: Why do we hurt robots?

QZ: Robots save us from our aging problem.

2019: Experimenting with course format.

This is what the robots we will use look like:



Possible projects

Blocks World info