16-264: Humanoids
Spring 2013
Instructors: Chris Atkeson, cga at cmu
Umashankar (Uma) Nagarajan, umashankar.nagarajan at disneyresearch.com
Time: TR 3-4:20PM Place: NSH 3002 Units: 12

Events of interest

Darpa Robotics Challenge Technical Guide

RI Seminar: Creating a Real-Time Conversation Manager with multiple time scales January 30, 2013, 3:00 PM, GHC 6115.

Robotic Agents Performing Human-Scale Everyday Manipulation Tasks - In the Knowledge Lies the Power, Michael Beetz, University of Bremen, Feb. 5.

Robot Combat League Series Premiere Tuesday Feb 26 at 10/9c, Syfy.

Course Description

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Locomotion: control, dynamics, kinematics, planning

Manipulation: lots of kinematics, some dynamics, control, planning

Other aspects of Humanoids


Ways to capture movies of your assignments


For projects we would like you to do something related to the Darpa Robotics Challenge

Videos of the day:

Things to Think About

Info on Humanoids



Other Humanoids Courses (mostly graduate) and Research Groups

Course Poster, suitable for framing.