Course Description

This course surveys perception, cognition, and movement in humans, humanoid robots, and humanoid graphical characters. Application areas include more human-like robots, videogame characters, and interactive movie characters.


Goals of the course:


No formal prerequisites. Knowing a programming language such as C, Java, or Matlab will be useful. Knowing what a vector and matrix are is useful.


No textbooks. Readings will be made available electronically.


The course will start with a series of assignments that everyone does, and then you will do a longer term project. There will be no exams. Your grade will be based on assignments and your project.


There will be more doing (programming and working with robots) than reading in this course. Some homeworks will consist of working with the elements of a humanoid simulator, similar to programming a videogame. Labs will consist of programming humanoids to do stuff. We are still working out the details of the homeworks and labs.


To be described.