Assignment 3
16-199: Building the Future

The purpose of this assignment is to give you some experience in classification. Can you get a program to recognize your face? Everybody in the class?

I am supplying images in JPEG format (.jpg). Feel free to change to a more convenient image format (there are many conversion programs on the web). You can use any type of computer/OS/language you want. You can work in groups or alone. If the assignment seems too easy, think of something harder to do, and do it.

Examples of images in JPEG format (.jpg). Images with names like joe.jpg are pictures of joe. Your program should be able to take the test images images (named testx.jpg) and figure our who is in the picture, and where.

The easiest way to do this assignment is to look for example programs on the web that already do it or are very similar. Then modify these programs to make them do what you want. That is what I did.

Please generate a web page describing what you did, and email me the URL.

Some useful links
Read and write image files in Java
c++ and visual basic vision tools
Face recognition homepage.
this includes face recognition and face location neural network source code. visual basic format. See also info page
this one only tracks faces, you have to give it the initial location of the face.
A variety of face finding software.
This is a similar assignment in a different class. Some code for neural networks and handling images
Useful info and links.

Some things that were turned in: