Machine Perception and Modeling of Human Behavior, Spring 2005
Chris Atkeson (CMU) and Rich Simpson (Pitt)
Thursdays, 3-6, Porter Hall 225B, Spring 2005

Readings for April 21

EEGs and BCIs

Controlling a Cursor with a Non-invasive Brain Interface

Feature Selection in Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

Interesting general EEG info: one two

Measuring Social Interaction

The Author-Recipient-Topic Model for Topic and Role Discovery in Social Networks: Experiments with Enron and Academic Email. Andrew McCallum, Andres Corrada-Emmanuel, Xuerui Wang. Technical Report UM-CS-2004-096, 2004.

Detecting Social Interaction of Elderly in a Nursing Home Environment, Datong Chen, Jie Yang, Robert Malkin, and Howard D. Wactlar, CMU.

Addition optional readings:

CMU has a good study about the effect of the Internet on social interactions. The Internet and Social Interaction: A Meta-analysis and Critique of Studies, 1995-2003, Irina Shklovski, Sara Kiesler, and Robert Kraut.

More theoretical work can be found in Heise's web.

Understanding social interaction with Affect Control Theory. Heise, D. R. 2002., Chapter 2, pp. 17-40, in Joseph Berger and Morris Zelditch (Eds.), New Directions in Contemporary Sociological Theory. Boulder CO: Rowman and Littlefield.

A frame for organizational actions and macroactions. D. Heise and Alex Durig. 1997 Journal of Mathematical Sociology, 22: 95-123.

Past readings

Presentation suggestions and background info.


Jan 13: first meeting for CMU students.

Jan 20 Eye tracking, motion graphs

Jan 27 Kalman filtering, vision-based tracking of stroke patients

Feb 3 Hidden Markov Models

Feb 10: Rachel Cowan: Force Detection During Wheelchair Propulsion
Rich Simpson

Feb 17: Cristen Torrey: Cognitive modeling and monitoring
Manfred Lau: Generating human-like navigation behavior

Feb 24: Erin Walker
Jacob Joseph

March 3: Bilge Multu

March 10: Holiday - spring vacation

March 17: Nick Gerasimowicz: Gait

March 24: Ian Li
Sabine Hauert

March 31: Jon Pearlman: Data logging
Stuart Anderson: Walking

April 7: Philipp Michel: machine analysis of facial expressions.

April 14: Holiday - CMU carnival

April 21: Bryan Klimt: some statistical learning topic
Datong Chen: Social Interactions

April 28: Final presentations.

This course will survey methods for monitoring and modeling human behavior, with a focus on assistive applications and applications that improve quality of life. We will cover measurement approaches including instrumenting environments, everyday objects, and wearable devices. We will cover a variety of modeling techniques from psychology, speech recognition and language modeling, graphics, and machine perception.

CMU course number: 16-899A
Pitt students should sign up for an independent study (HRS 2999)
No prerequisites.
CMU units: 12
Grading will be based on presentations and a project.
The first meeting will be Jan 13 in Porter Hall 225B.

A joint CMU/University of Pittsburgh course sponsored by the NSF IGERT in Assistive Technology

Questions?: email cga at cmu dot edu