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Carol Frieze, Ph.D.

Office: Wean Hall 4622
Phone: 412-268-9071

email: cfrieze @

Director Women@SCS, Carnegie Mellon

Carol is the Director for Women@SCS and co-Director of Women@IT. She works closely with the Women@SCS Advisory Committee and the Women@SCS web site team. She helps to organize and oversee the wide ranging program of professional, academic and social activities that Women@SCS develops for the benefit of the greater community of students in the School of Computer Science at CMU. The Women@SCS advisory committee meets regularly to plan their program of events. Carol sees the Women@SCS committee as an amazing body of energy, intelligence and creativity. Indeed, these women students have contributed to curriculum input, workshops, student tutoring, outreach, mentoring and role modeling, and generally improving the visibility and well-being of the greater SCS community --while all the time studying and working to achieve their personal academic goals!!


Lenore Blum, Faculty Advisor, Women@SCS
Women@SCS Photo Album


Women@IT: More Information
This is a new initiative, funded in part by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, which aims to increase the number of women in PhD programs. Press Release


CREU-W award enabled us to work with undergraduates on our latest study in the Culture of Computing! Check it out CREU

Left: CREU undergrads --Belinda Chang and Catherine Fan

Undergraduates interested in doing an undergraduate research project should check out the following:
SCS --Research Experience for Undergraduates Programs
Carnegie Mellon --Undergraduate Research Initiative


Women@SCS Web Team '06-07
(left to right):
Yang Shan, Sana Yousuf, Keisha How, and Linda Cai.

Women@SCS Web Team '05-06
(left to right):
James Tong, Keisha How, Jing Jin, Lisa Anthony,
Sana Yousuf and Tina Bennett

Women@SCS Web Team '04-05
(back left to right):
James Tong, Ritika Sanghi, Sana Yousuf
(front left to right):
Lisa Anthony (Ph.D., HCII)
Tina Bennett (Ph.D., LTI)

Women@SCS Web Team '03-04 (from left to right):
Aparna Jaiya
Stefanie Shriver (Ph.D., LTI)
Jennifer (Bingbin) Li
Bernice Ma
Ritika Sanghi
Tina Bennett (not shown) (Ph.D., LTI)


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