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Foundations of Robotics Seminar, August 31, 2006
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Automatic Transition of Ballbot from Statically Stable State to Dynamically Stable State

Anish Mampetta


Time and Place

Wean Hall 4625
Refreshments 2:45 pm
Talk 3:00 pm




Dynamically stable mobile robots with high centre of gravity and a small foot print are breaking new grounds in the field of mobile robotics. While in operation, these robots are dynamically stable, relying on inertial forces to maintain pose. And when not in operation, they rely on legs or kick stands to maintain static stability. The transition between the dynamic and static state should be automatic and smooth so as to give these robots truly autonomous capabilities. Ballbot has three retractable legs arranged in tripod configuration. Each leg is a servo controlled four bar slider crank mechanism with 1 DOF. In this work we explore means of automatic transition in Ballbot, by taking advantage of the properties of the leg mechanism. We consider two such methods, and take-off, and simultaneous withdrawal. We come up with generalized design intent for designing leg mechanisms to be used in dynamically stable robots. We also present the kinematic analysis of the spatial mechanism formed when the body and legs are taken together as a single mechanism.



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