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Foundations of Robotics Seminar, April 14
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Robotic mine mapping

Chris Baker

Time and Place
3305 Newell-Simon Hall
Refreshments 4:15 pm
Talk 4:30 pm


Unknown, unexplored and abandoned subterranean voids threaten mining operations, surface developments and the environment. Hazards within these spaces preclude human access to create and verify extensive maps or to characterize and analyze the environment. To that end, we have developed a mobile robot capable of autonomously exploring and mapping abandoned mines. To operate without communications in a harsh environment with little chance of rescue, this robot must have a robust electro-mechanical platform, a reliable software system, and a dependable means of failure recovery. Presented are the mechanisms, algorithms, and analysis tools that enable autonomous mine exploration and mapping along with extensive experimental results from eight successful deployments into the abandoned Mathies coal mine near Pittsburgh, PA.s

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