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You might want to see the much-improved 1998 PGSS CS core page.

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I wish you the best of luck in all that you do. If you ever happen to be in Pittsburgh, feel free to look me up! For that matter, if you ever happen to visit this page, feel free to e-mail me!

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Don't hesitate to contact the instructor at his office! Just drop by Wean Hall 4617 (far down south hallway on fourth floor), or, if you prefer, schedule an appointment by calling him at x8-6767. He's most likely there between 8:00a and 4:30p on weekdays, but he's frequently around other times too.


I'm in the process of updating the text, releasing chapters as I complete the preliminary rewrite. Updates of progress are posted on a separate page.

An errata page for the old text is on-line.

Complaints? Questions?

Send complaints, comments, requests, and questions to the instructor. He's happy to discuss anything with you, and he's willing to accept intelligent criticism. You can contact him in person, through e-mail, or, if you'd rather he not know who you are, via an anonymous comment Web page.